rocksaltandapplepie asked:

Oh uhm- snug...hanging, yeah, hanging sounds like it could be good. I mean, I might have to run, monsters to kill, people to save, things like that, you know? But if there's pie...I mean, pie is a pretty good reason to hang out. Yeah, nothing Sammy could laugh at about that. If I told him there was pie, I mean, not that there's anything going on or anything. *gets in the bed* 'M not sure Balth wants me around though, we kind..had an argument, a little while ago.

Of course, nothing but pie and hanging out. And hey, Cas is joining us. It’s practically your job to introduce Cas to delicious worldly things like pie, right? And Dean? *whispers* Balth wants you here, trust me. Now, I know - no chick flick moments, but that angel’s been asking about you and he definitely wants you here, so get over whatever silly disagreement you’re having, alright? It’s upsetting both of you and Cas. 

So let’s get over this nonsense and have some good company and some pie, alright? 

*secretly ducks out to sleep as the three of them cuddle*

adrenaline-revolver asked:

It's okay honey, there's no need to be sorry. *She takes off her Camp tee and rips it into a tourniquet.* I picked a good day to wear a tank-top. *She tightly wraps the wound.* Can you stand? We need to get you someplace safe.

-cringes at the wrapping- O-ow…

S-safe…what a nice word…-smiles slightly before trying to get up, having a hard time balance herself- Could the floor s-stop moving for a second…