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I wish there were more rpgmaker games that have dating sim elements in them. I'm glad that schwer-von-begriff is doing this with her tokyo ghoul fangame, since there isn't too many games; like I mention before, out there.


After several months in the making, the 7th Stand User English Translation is finally complete! Thanks to everyone who supported me during this project, especially Clayman for not only giving me her blessing but being super cooperative and encouraging throughout.

There’s still much more to do, of course - even though it’s a fan-game, it is also a big game and the result of over 5 years of work on the creator’s part. You could play it 10 times over and still not find everything, which is why I plan to put up a guide sometime soon. In addition, since I was the only one working on the game and I’m not the greatest when it comes to catching errors, I’m putting this out as a beta - I’m going to try and put out an updated version once I get a little more feedback on the translation. Until then, enjoy! Please check the readme as I’ve included an FAQ for common issues like squished text, but if you have a problem that isn’t covered there, don’t hesitate to tell me.

Download here (22MB .zip)


Haikyuu!! Questers is a fan-made medieval RPG featuring the characters from Haikyuu!! Built in RPGMaker, Haikyuu!! Questers offers an old school RPG feel without the gross bigotry typical of the genre. This game is a parody inspired by Final Haikyuu!! Quest and while the two share a number of elements, the plotline is quite different. (Probably. The developers of Haikyuu!! Questers are American monolingual English speakers and thus cannot access the official game.)

DOWNLOAD THE DEMO FROM DROPBOX HERE! (And here are the instructions for how to play!)

What’s the plot?
Hinata and Yachi are good friends who live in a small town called Karasuno. They dream of being knights and going on adventures; Hinata works at the local inn to save up money for armor and Yachi spends most of her time reading books about military strategy. When a couple of strange visitors come to town and offer them a path to knighthood, they strike out on an adventure they never expected! Along the way they meet a bunch of cool new friends and battle an evil would-be king who’s capturing the dragons who protect the world!

Who’s in it?

  • Hinata (protagonist)
    An aspiring knight who makes an unlikely friend in Kageyama.
  • Yachi
    An aspiring knight who meets a stunning girl and becomes her travel companion.
  • Kageyama
    A runaway prince trying to escape the weight and solitude of the crown.
  • Shimizu
    A high-level mage who takes a liking to Yachi.
  • Tsukki
    A royal knight in search of Kageyama.
  • Yamaguchi
    A royal knight who secretly dreams of becoming a cleric.
  • Suga
    A cleric who’s just graduated from college and is looking for an adventure.
  • Iwaizumi
    A mysterious warrior from the city of Seijoh.
  • Kenma
    A mage in search of a magical artifact that will save a friend from a terrible fate.
  • Kuroo
    Another mage, trapped in a bizarre predicament.
  • Oikawa
    Seijoh’s banished prince and ruler of a new evil empire. His motives are unknown.
  • …and potentially more to come!

Why should I be interested?
Well, if the information above doesn’t interest you, here’s something that might: canon MOGAI characters in totally irrefutable relationships with each other, asexual and nonbinary characters whose identities are respected by and featured in the plot, minimal (hopefully nonexistent—we might mess up!) ableist language in spite of translated canon, and developers who are completely open to criticism when we get something wrong.

How about some more game specifics?

  • Our fan game will be completely FREE to download and play! If you’re reading this post and have a suggestion as to where we could post our final edition so that everyone can access it, send us a fanmail!
  • The game is created in RPGMaker VX Ace using a few custom scripts (which will be included in the credits). All the visual and auditory content in the demo, apart from those scripts, is native to RPGMaker.
  • Haikyuu!! Questers is being written and developed by Max and Dragon. Max is a full-time student and Dragon has one of those full-time office job thingies so we’re not going to set any absolute release dates. This demo, which includes one area and about an hour and a half of gameplay, took about four weeks to complete. We’ll update you on the Haikyuu!! Questers blog periodically and answer questions directed there!
  • We aim to make the game accessible: it will be relatively easy to play (no lengthy grinding necessary) and completely safe for work, apart from some swearing. We’ll warn for all triggers we know of or are notified of by users!

We’re vaguely computer savvy writers, not artists. The character art we put together in RPGMaker looks okay, but there isn’t a range of expressions and the characters don’t resemble canon very well. If you’re an artist and would like to contribute character face icons for this project, we’d absolutely LOVE your help! We’d also love to have special art for key scenes in the story—we’ll put out posts requesting those as we get farther along! If you’re not a visual artist and you’d still like to contribute, you can create music for us or send us ideas! For more information on what we need, visit our art specifications page.

In the interest of keeping the game free to download and play, we can’t pay for any art or other submissions. If you contribute to this project, you do so completely for free. We will absolutely credit all contributors!

To download (from Dropbox) and play the demo edition of Haikyuu!! Questers, click here! You can also enter our promotional giveaway!

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Can you recommend some rpg horror blogs to me?


So without further delay, here’s my big ass RPG Maker List of Blogs to follow here on the tumbles:

NOTE: this list was made on the week of Halloween, 2014.  Some games & blogs will probably be canceled in the near or late future.


  • rpgmakernetwork - An RPGMaker.Net newsblog.  They’ll have featured games, spotlighted games, new games, etc. and general news about the community.
  • 1nd13world - features RPGMaker games mixed in with some indie games, as well as news announcements.
  • rpg-maker-games - Portugese/English RPGMaker news blog.  Generally reblog news & downloads they see around tumblr, but reflags fan art on the occasion as well.
  • rpgpixelgames - Likes to feature different completed games from various parts of the RPGMaker community.  Gives a bit of a review & description to go along with them.
  • wishing-upon-pixels - A RPGMaker Tumblr Newsblog.  Generally reblogs updates from devblogs, as well as fan art.
  • rpgatelier - The German RPG Maker community blog!
  • psiwolf - Good to follow for general Yume Nikki stuff.  It’s a personal blog, so sometimes psi post non-YN stuff, but he’s generally good to watch to see what’s happening in the Japanese Fandom.


  • vgperson - Has translated Ib, The Witch’s House, Misao, Mad Father, The Gray Garden, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, and many more. Japanese games to English.
  • adricarratranslations - Currently Translating Girl of Memories and Shuutai Headless into English, but also does Spanish to English translations and vice versa.
  • tosiaki7 - Has Translated Fantasy Maiden’s Odd Hideout, Cloe’s Requiem, Forrest of Drizzling Rain, and many more.  Japanese to English.
  • wavyupdevkor - Generally Translates Yume Nikki fan games.  English to Korean.
  • memoriesoffear - Originally focused on Corpse Party Fangames, but is now branching out into other games.  Japanese to English.
  • shangrilateam - Waiting for them to release Ghost School.  Japanese to English.
  • terriball-tl - Has translated Mikoto Nikki, Mix Ore, & Yanderella. Japanese to English.
  • 7thjojo - Has translated JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The 7th Stand User.  Japanese to English.
  • x-tsubasa-x - traducciones incluyen Re:Kinder, Wadanohara & The Grat Blue Sea, The Gray Garden, Mogeko Castle, Ringmaster Claus, & Infectious Nightmare.  Inglés al Español.  English/Japanese to Spanish.
  • jackdecheshire - Has translated múltiple games including It Moves. Inglés al Español/English to Spanish.  


Blogs that reblog Multiple Games

Specific games

Yume Nikki + Fangames

  1. dreamdiarygallery - Yume Nikki plus it’s Fangames.  Has a fan game Download list a mile long (I know, I made part of it!).
  2. maonome - Yume Nikki only.
  3. madotsukiphile - One person art blog dedicated to Yume Nikki.
  4. madotsukki - Yume Nikki & it’s fangames.


  • annannith - Mostly Ib, sometimes post other RPG art.
  • nbgarry - An Ib sideblog.  Includes tasty Macaroon pictures along with the fan art.
  • rosealucard - Post Ib fannart.
  • snowyorb - mostly Ib, but occasionally something else.


Mogeko/Deep Sea Prisoner Games (Wadanohara/Gray Garden/Mogeko Castle)


  • offplaylists - Offers music that reminds you of certain characters from the game.
  • dreamdiarymusic - reblogs music from Yume Nikki & it’s fan games, as well as remixes.



  • mogeko-rp-masterlist - For the games by Mogeko: The Gray Garden, Wadanohara & The Great Blue Sea, & Mogeko Castle.
  • miwashibarpmasterlist - For games by Miwashiba, including Alice Mare & the LiEat series.


Note: some of these haven’t updated in months, but the resources they provide are still useful.


These games are all incomplete/only have demos out/not yet released:

Currently Have One or More Full Games Out 

(complete games are in bold, incomplete are in italics)

  • dreaming-games - Dreaming MaryBlue Dreams (in production)
  • alyssa-rpg-project - Contest Version of the RPG Horror Alyssa, currently rebooting the game.
  • customcode - Developer of Custom Code
  • ayosu-itsuki - 311 & Someday (Yume Nikki fangame).
  • moga - Creator of MayI’m Scared of GirlsSafety & it’s sequel Safety: Life is a Maze, & the Ghost Suburb series.
  • maimiestoybox & maimiestoyboxja - Creator of Monster Love Party, Ringmaster Clause, & Queen Mary’s Script.  Currently working on Sentimental Juniper.
  • isasapiensworks - Creator of Somnium (yume nikki FG), Me (Yume Nikki FG), Kill the DuckyWhite’s Adventure, & Continue Stop Rise (OFF fan game).
  • noyemik - Creator of Amihailu in Dreamland & Nightmare Castle.
  • middens - Creator of Middens & Gingiva.
  • owlgames - Creator of It Moves, After Man, Miserere, Rust and Blood, No Manatees Promised, & Skinwalker.  Currently working on Reap and Sow.
  • ebeth-draws - Creator of Scaredy Cat.  Currently working on a mystery project.
  • kyukotsuki - Creator of Kyoku Yume (a yume nikki fangame).
  • clinginglies - Creator of Cara Mia.  Currently working on Ignite, Dry(??), & Donny the Doomed Fox.
  • eontart-dev - Creator of Red Light.   Currently working on Crimson Light
  • miwashiba - Developer of Alice Mare  & the LiEat Series.
  • balthasar02 - Developer of CCLE & Path of Humanity. Working on Servant of Tragedy & Touhou Mystic Seal.  

People who have games out but only have personal blogs

  • dingalingboy - Creator of Lisa: The First & the upcoming Lisa game.
  • unprince - Creator of Very Retroville
  • mortisghost - Creator of OFF.
  • lol-rust - Creator of .flow.
  • kazaki03 - Creator of Lost Utopia, Metamorphosis, Rosa, Omnipresence, Faustino’s Fashion Boutique, 7 Days, and a whole bunch of other stuff 
  • mathewvq & nightmargin - The team that created Oneshot.
  • me-patra - Creator of Pom Gets Wifi.
  • 8bitgoggles - Creator of Arina’s Story, Lovers in an Undead Time, Seven Levels of Paradise, and a few others.


"But Pink, why didn’t you include this blog?” Well, is it an RPG Maker Related Blog?

Yes -  I forgot about it or I never heard of it and I will gladly put it on the list if you send it to me c: - HOWEVER I did NOT put any blogs aside from reference blogs (the information is always useful) that haven’t updated in 2 months since those blogs aren’t active

No - well there’s your answer

(And don’t feel bad for having this launch early, I think I’ll do something else for 500 followers, I’m only at 470 so I got some time c;)

Ciel Nocturne - Demo Announcement

I’ve been working the last days on the demo for ‘Ciel Nocturne' and yeah.. here it is! (ノ・ェ・)ノ If you find any bugs feel free and don't hesitate to message me! (⌒▽⌒)☆

It’s not perfect but I hope that you still enjoy it~!


Playtime: about 15 minutes (This is a seriously short demo… orz)
Setting: It takes place before the original events of ‘Ciel Nocturne’.. The real story begins where the demo ends.
If you have any problems you can always message me and ask!

You’ll need the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP files!

Download the Demo HERE.