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I always wanted to make a list of all of the RPG Maker horror games, especially since Ib is my top favorite and it’d be awesome if more people tried out these games.

Ib - link
The Witch’s House - link
Mad Father - link
Misao - link
The Crooked Man - link
Paranoiac - link
Re:Kinder - link
Mermaid Swamp - link
Hello? Hell…o? - link
Clock of Atonement - link
The Mirror Lied - link
Ao Oni - link
Corpse Party - link
To the Moon - link
Schuld - link
Desert Nightmare - link
OFF - link
Divinity Fatum - link
Yume Nikki - link
Facade - link
Lisa - link
Halloween Flop - link
Ghost Party - link
The Longing Ribbon - link

Lets have a very spoopy RPG October! I know I will *3*


Allen, the protagonist of lost memory.

Lost both his parents, he went to a certain institution.

One day he heard it, When he go to check the mysterious rumor…?

△○□× Miwashiba create a game called “Alice mare”.

It has seven different endings and can be play for about 2-3 hours. It’s like a picture book - fairy tale motif like. A horror quest type of game.

Alice mare can be found here.

@miwasiba: http://www.freem.ne.jp/win/game/5859  『Alice mare』というフリーゲーム作りました 公開されました宜しくお願いします pic.twitter.com/cdEFhkBtKa

Miwashiba: I created a free game called “Alicemare"   It has been released yoroshiku onegaishimasu

If you fall too far into your dreams, you won't ever wake up.
The* NEW* RPG Horrors of 2014! UPDATE 0.88

Wow a lot of games are joining us this year, here’s a list of the games I know so far:

*UPDATE 0.8*

Before you start assuming things:

  1. This list is full of RPG horror projects that have STARTED this year, some of these games will try to release their respective games either THIS YEAR, NEXT YEAR, and 2016 (only 1 though) 

This list is full of RPG HORROR projects that started this year and is filled with RPG HORROR that could be either released this year or next year, if you want you’re game here, notify me and I will check on it


  • The game has to look appealing 
  • I have to be able to see the effort put on the game, if you mostly use default RPG maker sprites and tilesets, you are not qualified to join
  • Playtime must range from 40 mins to 8 hours
  • Story has to be very impressive and has to make me want to play the game
  • In case that you’re already on the list and violate any of the following, you could be removed from the list depending on my final choice
  • I should be able to see what makes your game…different (Ex. The Haunted World’s character, Haru (A Bisexual) representing support on LGBTQ community, Mica: Apoptosis and Entanglement’s take on adding “magic” into the mix, etc.)

Not all requirements need to be fulfilled, just the majority of it

If you want a list that has more RPG MAKER HORROR projects, go here, although, I do not really approve of this list as most of the games here do not meet up to my standards at all


NEW RPG HORRORS OF 2014!!!!!!!!

  1. Pocket Mirror Demo: RELEASED Game: PUSHED BACK! WINTER 2014 OR 2015

  2. Konstandin Demo: February 26 Game: Anywhere this year

  3. Ciel Nocturne Demo: RELEASED Game: Autumn this year

  4. Sleep Demo: PUSHED BACK! March or June 2015 Game: PUSHED BACK! 2015

  5. Nightmare of the Snow TUMBLR Demo: RELEASED Game: December 31! 

  6. Cecilia -Cruel Miracle-  Goal: At least, late 2014, At most, 2015


    *WARNING THIS GAME IS NSFW*                                                  This game contains themes that may be considered sensitive to some viewers (especially since its an Eroge Otome, so you know what to expect)                                                                   

  7. Mica: Apoptosis Demo: RELEASED, Game: Late 2014

  8. Midnight Rendezvous DemoAnywhere this year, Game: ???

  9. Tobira Demo: Fall 2014 Game: Anywhere in this year


  11. The Haunted World -Hell’s Gate- Demo: NEXT YEAR, Game: ???

  12. Pretenders Demo: Mid-2015 Game: Late 2015 

  13. Entanglement HIATUS


  14. Imaginary Friends Demo: December? Game: ???

  15. I Love You Demo: September 2014, Game: December 31?

  16. Crimson: PENDING

  17. Musement Demo: ?????, Game: August 2015

  18. Mao Demo: End of this year, Game: ???

  19. B/F Demo: November 2014 Goal: February 2015

  20. 13vel Demo: Mid 2015, Game: ???

  21. Spilled Secrets Demo: TBA Game: TBA

  22. The Deep HIATUS


  23. Zero Demo: TBA Game: 2015

  24. *UPDATE* Tear Demo: End of this year? Game: 2015

  25. *UPDATE* Memoria Demo: End of 2014, Game: 2015

  26. *UPDATE* Hansel Demo: RELEASED, Game: Late 2014 or Early 2015

  27. *UPDATE* Alyssa *REMASTER* Game: ??????

  28. *UPDATE* World of Varldech Demo: Summer 2015, Game: 2016

  29. Kakurenbo 

*New* Special Exceptions:

  1. *UPDATE* True Friends Demo: ????? Game: TBA

    Cause: Engine changed into Ren'py, therefore is now a Visual Novel Project

Sadly, Discontinued: The games here will be missed! But the rest must keep the show going! We’ll miss you:

  1. Rest-in-Peace: Cancellation on: July, 15, 2014

  2. Cook Game Project Cancellation on: August 17, 2014

Games that were already released:

  1. Dreaming Mary

  2. *UPDATE* Living Playground


Special thanks to Ilutiern for showing me Midnight Rendezvous , today’s latecomer of last update

Special thanks to PinkUboa for showing me the incredibly enhanced game, Tobira 

Next update will have:

  • New games (uh, duh)
  • Graphics example
  • MC
  • MC’s symbol (Ib: Rose, Ayumi: Candles, etc.)
  • I’ll think of something else
  • Personal Thoughts
  • How many chapters there are
  • How many endings