@siwon407: such a fun and lovely night. thank you beautiful E.L.F 💙✌

special_js1004: ..I don’t know how much I was looking forward to this stage, it’s the reason for my life and everything in my life so I was able to hang in there. As long as I’m with them I will feel safe and thankful, our members..!! And our E.L.F. who were cheering till their throats were tearing, thank you and I love you and sorry from the bottom of my heart.. We’re all ready to run together in 2015 right??!!! I love you..

special_js1004:..Thank you kids!!!!!!..ㅠㅠ..(c)


Kpop Gods Super Junior owned the stage performing their hits “Shirt”, “This Is Love” and “Mamacita” at Gaon Chart Kpop Awards. The fanchants at “Mamacita” are huge!!

150128 - I just love how Super Junior care for their dongsaengs… Those who claim that they are ELFs and has bashed EXO for winning in awards shows.. I sincerely hope you guys learn from your idols.. Super Junior is one of the groups whom I respect so much because they work hard too and not step on anyone or act rudely to hoobaes.. Instead they reach out and befriends them. 👏👏 Bravo super junior for being true idols.. In every sense of the word!! #exo #baekhyun #tao #suju #heechul #siwon #friends #sunbae #hoobaes #proudfan