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Claimed! (Why not? Looks like fun, and I noticed you're a fun RP partner and like how you portray your character)

9. A drunk voice mail. 

Cana picked up her phone, sloppily dialing the numbers, she waited for Nikki to pick up. Instead of the girls voice, she heard a message telling her to leave a voicemail and a disturbingly annoying beep. "Hey Nikki!" her words were slurred, "Nikki I went to that bar near the bridge we saw, and you should," A slight hiccup, "Meet me here. I’m having a blast," There was a loud cluttering sound coming from the back of the room, and Cana whipped her head around and shouted, "Shut it! I’m on the phone!" then turning her attention towards the message she said again, "Get here soon, before I drink all the boooooze," 

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[Text] I think I fell asleep for a while and I found an unconscious and thoroughly beaten Anon in the middle of my living room. Didn't you say you have a brother named Henry? Ridge says I better be thankful he dropped a conversation with a cute guy named Henry to 'save my ass.' Henry wasn't by any chance at the pool today correct? -Damian

[Text] Actually, I was at the pool with him. [Text] Your brother met my brother… Kinda freaky if you ask me.

[Text] Wait, what did he save your ass from?

Big Hero 6 sentence starters;
  • "Low Battery!"
  • "How much does your heart hurt?"
  • "You home, sweetie?"
  • "We just jumped out a window"
  • "How cool was that?"
  • "Stop! Stop! It's just an expression!"
  • "WHEEEE"
  • "A lunatic in a mask just tried to kill us!"
  • "You forgot your lollipop!"
  • "There! There! You will be alright!"
  • "I am not fast!"
  • "I'll call your parents"
  • "I will protect your mind and body"
  • "SHHH!"
  • "You're gunna need some upgrades!"
  • "I mean it's scary obviously, but how cool?"
  • "He was controlling them telepathically with a neurocranial transmitter!"

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A somewhat dreamy grin spread to one side of Lavi's face, seeing Kanda. He fidgeted a little, scooted closer.. swiftly grabbed her, dipped her back, and kissed her on the mouth. *MWAH!*


It was obvious there was some trouble coming when that grin came out, but this would remain a mystery until she was dipped back and kissed exaggeratedly. Nobody was around, so Kanda refrained from squirming but blushing was inevitable. 

"Ch-che." Small hands went to cover her mouth.

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Haldir was just walking around when he saw some creep hitting on Tauriel. They weren't an item, but that dude was pretty sketchy. He walked up to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. He stared at the man in the eyes until after a minute he finally walked away. "Why were you letting that creep hit on you like that?" ((i tried))

Uh oh! Your character is watching mine get hit on and is feeling possessive. How does your character handle this?

"He wasn’t a creep," she said, rolling her eyes.  "I think you’re just jealous.”  


Hello fans and friends of Once Upon an Instagram! (you know, @thatswangirl and @thecaptainjones??)

As you all well know, this fall brings some chilly new characters to our beloved show— and thus, to our rp. So we currently are looking to cast Anna and Elsa. Those of you who follow the RP know the deal— we are completely in-character accounts, run as if by our respective OUAT cuties. We have quite a bit of interest in our Frozen roles so we are conducting our first ever auditions!!

If you’re interested, the audition process is simple. Following are a few questions and scenarios. We need you to respond to them in character and submit your answers to me ( bbypiratebunny) by Sept 15, along with which character you are auditioning for. I also want to know your general availability, as we are a pretty active rp. If you are picked for the role, you will hear back from us by the 19th! Here are the questions. We look forward to hearing from you all!

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((Hey I'm bored)) Fia the half dragon girl flew down to you "hello there" she said


((Hey, I am bored too, small world.))

                         "Hello there…nice wings…I wish I had wings, but my great great great great grandma use to live in the medieval time..but she got eaten by a dragon…so how can I help you miss?"

the “song of time" (時の歌 toki no uta) is a recurring song in the legend of zelda series. this mysterious song has several abilities that are activated when the song is played on the ocarina of time. It also appears as recurring background music associated with the temple of time.

fear not for i am both the chords that strum through the wind
&the ice rolling down your skin. a maiden born of despair,
now a butterfly that has come out of thin air.
a goddess i am with spirtualities hidden within.
reborn&broken with a harp imprinted in my hand.
blessed are the heroic, the chosen ones of this century.

                                                      hyrule will rise again.