Here’s my Battenkill race report from the car ride home.

Disclaimer: I didn’t have a computer on my bike so distances are estimates.

All of the PRR ladies raced the Women’s 3/4 race. The field was pretty close knit until the first real climb around 10 miles when things started to split up a bit. @shaneferro and I stayed with the lead pack, about 20 or so women. Then around mile 30 there was a longer climb and a break of four racers slowly pulled away. A chase formed behind them in the dirt, including myself and some familiar faces from cross and track. We got really organized and raced a double pace line for the majority of the race trying to close in on the lead, but the gap grew and grew over the final 35 miles of rolling dirt and paved roads.

The last 5k was a game of cat and mouse until the last turn with 500m to go. We had about 11 women in our pack coming into the finish and I sprinted for 4th, finishing at 8th overall (3:23). Shane was close behind finishing at 23rd (3:34). #Rozhasnoinstagram and @genisisdancer did great too, they crossed the finish line together (teamwork!) ahead of a dozen ladies.

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