Here’s my Battenkill race report from the car ride home.

Disclaimer: I didn’t have a computer on my bike so distances are estimates.

All of the PRR ladies raced the Women’s ¾ race. The field was pretty close knit until the first real climb around 10 miles when things started to split up a bit. @shaneferro and I stayed with the lead pack, about 20 or so women. Then around mile 30 there was a longer climb and a break of four racers slowly pulled away. A chase formed behind them in the dirt, including myself and some familiar faces from cross and track. We got really organized and raced a double pace line for the majority of the race trying to close in on the lead, but the gap grew and grew over the final 35 miles of rolling dirt and paved roads.

The last 5k was a game of cat and mouse until the last turn with 500m to go. We had about 11 women in our pack coming into the finish and I sprinted for 4th, finishing at 8th overall (3:23). Shane was close behind finishing at 23rd (3:34). #Rozhasnoinstagram and @genisisdancer did great too, they crossed the finish line together (teamwork!) ahead of a dozen ladies.

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My friends are trying real hard to cheer me up lately and it’s so sweet that it literally makes me cry. @rozhasnoinstagram left me a pile of snacks & an inspirational note to come home to today, and earlier this week Brian was literally like, hey let me give you this awesome old Pinarello Prince frame to cheer you up. How lucky am I? I love you guys so much, thank you for being amazing friends and humans. #bitcheslovesnacks #bitcheslovebikes ❤️❤️❤️

Start line #selfie / Battenkill race report:

This was my 2nd road race ever & for those who don’t know, it’s 68 miles with 4000+ ft of elevation. As many of you know, the last month or so has been really tough for me. Two weeks ago, I really wanted to pull out but @rozhasnoinstagram convinced me not too. My only goals were to finish & to keep myself nourished & hydrated.

I felt super freaked out during the first 20 miles or so; I almost instantly fell off the group & spent some time pace lining with other ladies, but for the majority of the race I was alone. Roz warned me against this but it was ok, I spend the vast majority of my time on the bike alone, I’m used to it, & I gave myself out-loud pep talks & sang Soul II Soul - Back to Life a lot. I also saw a ton of cute animals!! A raccoon that was evading capture by a sheriff in someone’s backyard, a lot of horses and cows, a German Shepard hanging out of a car window, & even a tortoise crossing the road.

I felt really good about working on skills like descending in the drops whilst not touching my breaks (I get really scared on fast descents) & climbing out of the saddle. I love this bike so much & I was so glad to have steel on those bumpy ass roads & hard-packed dirt. I cried a few times out of happiness because I was so happy that I showed up & because I knew I was gonna finish. There was so much positive encouragement along the way, the race marshals & motopace men were really great & people were sitting in their front yards watching us & cheering. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to cross a finish line. Thank you so much to my amazing #TeamVulpes ladies for helping me do this!!

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