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For those of you looking for great books to read this summer, here are some of our recommendations! 

Panic / The One / Side Effects May Vary / Dorothy Must Die / Tease / How to Meet Boys / Exile / Great / The Last Best Kiss / Don’t Call Me Baby / Say What You Will / Royally Lost / Free to Fall / Life By Committee / The Secrets of Lily Graves / The Art of Lainey / Guy in Real Life / The Vanishing Season / On the Fence / The Things You Kiss Goodbye / Fan Art / Wicked Games / Don’t You Forget About Me 

If there’s no greater honor than saving a life, imagine the boss status that comes with saving an entire species. Those bragging rights belong to horticulturalist Carlos Magdalena, who single-handedly brought a very special African waterlily back from the brink of extinction.

Discovered by Professor Eberhard Fischer in 1987, the world’s smallest waterlily, Nymphaea thermarum, was found growing exclusively among the hot springs of southwestern Rwanda. Alarmed by their rapid disappearance in 2008 due to the exploitation of the plants’ water source, Professor Eberhard quickly sent seeds of the remaining waterlilies to Bonn Botanic Gardens for preservation. Eventually the seeds made their way to Kew Gardens in London where horticulturalist Carlos Magdalena began his life-saving research.

After much trial, error and frustration, Magdalena’s perseverance led to him to a crucial discovery. Unlike most waterlilies which grow submerged deep underwater, the Nymphaea thermarum actually thrives in warm mud. By maintaining steady of temperatures of 25°C along the banks, Magdalena has been able to cultivate over 30 healthy new plants which are currently on display at Kew Gardens.

If you’d like to help prevent plant extinction but lack the botanical skills, you can adopt a seed from Kew Royal Botanical Gardens in London for £25. They’ll even throw in a personalized certificate, so your friends will know your hero status is legit.


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Prince Amedeo marries Lili Rosboch: what you need to know

Prince Amedeo of Belgium, archduke of Austria-Este marries with Elisabetta Rosboch von Wolkenstein on Saturday the 5th of July in Rome. 



They marry in in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere in Rome. They picked out the church themselves and it is one of the oldest of Rome. Normally they would marry in Belgium but because of the Christian tradition, the couple marries in the hometown of the bride, in this case Rome. The wedding will be in Italian, French and German. Cardinal Danneels will lead the wedding. He also leaded the wedding of Prince Amedeo’s mom Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz and the baptism of Prince Amedeo.


They marry on Saturday the 5th of July. The religious wedding takes place at 5.30 pm local time and lasts 2 hours. The religious wedding also counts as civil wedding in Italy so they only have 1 ceremony, the religious one. 

Where to watch?

Unfortunately there is no live stream nor will the wedding be broadcasted on tv. They prefered an intimate ceremony. However the Belgian Royal Court will publish official pictures. You can always check my blog during that day, I’ll post all the pictures I can find.

Who are the Royal guests?

The entire Belgian Royal Family will be present. We also expect to see members of the Luxembourg Royal Family because they are very close family of the Belgians. Prince Amedeo also attended the wedding of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie and the wedding of Prince Félix and Princess Claire last year. Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume is already spotted in Italy as well as the Royal Family of Liechtenstein. 

Which title will Lili get?

If she accepts the title of Princess she will take on the title Her Royal Highness Princess Elisabetta of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este.

Who are the bridesmaids?

Princess Elisabeth (eldest daughter of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde and goddaughter of Prince Amedeo), Princess Louise (daughter of Prince Laurent and Princess Claire, cousin of Prince Amedeo) and Princess Laetitia Maria (daughter of Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz, sister of Prince Amedeo)

What will she wear?

She’ll wear (of course) a wedding dress to her own personal taste. The designer of the dress is Italian. I really hope she’s going to wear a tiara and if she does, it will probably be the Savoy-Aosta Tiara (second picture). There is also a possibilty she isn’t going to wear a tiara because her mother-in-law Princess Astrid didn’t at her wedding. The veil will probably the one that Queen Paola, Queen Mathilde and Princess Claire also wore. The veil is a heirloom of Queen Paola (first picture). 



Where will they live?

After the wedding Prince Amedeo and Princess Elisabetta will live in Brussels, Belgium because Amedeo has found a job there. They have already bought a house.

When will we see them again?

Prince Amedeo and his wife will attend the National Day (21st of July) and special family events like birthdays, weddings and baptisms but they won’t take on many official engagements. The Belgian Royal Watchers do expect Prince Amedeo to lead the economical missions abroad in a couple of years.

What kind of job will they have?

As I mentioned before, they won’t take on many official engagements but they both have a job. Prince Amedeo will probably take on a job in the financial sector. Lili has worked for Bloomberg in New York for several years. She wrote about art and and culture. She will probably try to find a job in Belgium after they move. They also gave an interview where they said: "We are excited to start a new life. First, we are going to travel together. We’re looking forward to afterwards build our career and start a family together.