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Sick of people saying harry is awful role model/prince! C'mon people wake up! Open your eyes who really is working hard and doing ALOT OF WORK!! People only see actions of william because he is going to be king!! Done with these people I WANT HARRY TO BE KING!!


William aged 30

  • Graduated Uni aged 22

Harry at 30

  • Set up Sentebale Charity which has celebrated 10 years this year 
  • Served in Afghanistan twice.
  • One of the best Apache pilots in the World (not just country)
  • Gone to the North Pole and South Pole 
  • Created the Invictus Games 

Ohhh look at those lists

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"William was apparently quite a challenge as a younger boy, once apparently dangling Harry from a window in Buckingham Palace. Things improved with a new governess was hired. The boys were reportedly very close" is this true? The first post is wrong! :)

Billy the Basher, that is what his nickname was as a child. 

Charles and Diana spoiled him rotten and he became quite the handful because of it. He would run around causing mayhem, terrorize the staff, threaten kids at school to get his own way and nearly ruined Andrew and Fergie’s wedding with his behaviour. 

HM had to step in and tell Charles and Diana to sort him out because it could not continue. and Diana’s undermining of Barbara’s (Baba) dicipline and constant amusement at his antics rather than setting boundaries was making everyone’s job impossible. In fact that is why Baba left because she was upset at Diana’s behavour and her job not being possible because she could not discipline William if his parents were doing the opposite - good article. 

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Seems to me the W&K fans are getting nervous, so they're bashing Harry to try and tear him down. They're realizing that in order to be admired as a royal, you have to do ROYAL work like Harry does, rather than hiding out in the countryside.

we can’t have a spare outshining the Heir now can we?

We can’t have the spare showing how little the Heir and his Wife does. 

“It disgusts me so much, the fact that the media take pictures of the royal children, dressed with just shorts or bikini, while they are at the beach! Like… what the hell?! They are children!” - Submitted by Anonymous

Rant: Public Opinions about China, Royal Club and EDG

Something that really bothered me since worlds started is all these people who never watched LPL acting like they know everything about the chinese teams. The general consens seems to be: Royal is super strong, EDG is playing badly and OMG is mediocre.

All of these 3 are total bullshit. First of: People overating Royal Club. There are 2 major reasons why you should keep your hype on the koreans for now:

1. Royal Club had the easiest group ever. Even group A turned out to be not that easy with AHQ’s support showing up big. TPA flopped completly and SK was crippled by Taipeichingchong, so the only real competitor was TSM, who’s botlane is slumping right now. So Uzi really had no competition, Namei had Imp, Mata and Greentea in beastmode.

2. Royal Club was slumping super hard the entire season and have been beaten by EDG 3:1 2 times. Royal Club has really big strategical Problems that EDG easily focused on and they beat the shit out of royal.

People are not understanding that these group results have nothign to do with Royal being better than EDG or UZI being the best ADC. EDG is a really strat focused team, meaning that their playstyle focuses heavily on certain Win Conditions and their comps are always completly thought through . And they probably didn’t want to give those away in groups. Also nobody in china plays thresh on that level, since that champion is not that popular there anymore, so Namei was probably not used to the positional changes you have to make when playing vs Thresh. You could see how fast they adapted in their tiebreaker against AHQ.

People should consider that before going “OMG INSEC AND UZI ARE GODS”.

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William the Conqueror started the monarchy and william the lazy might end it. Charles should rethink the slimming of the monarchy as his nieces brothers and sister and sister in law along with Harry do more than the future King. Maybe if william and catherine were not treated so differently they just might step up and do what is expected. But I personally think it is too late and the die has been cast.

by 30 your personality is pretty much set and it takes something life altering to change it even slightly. 

This is William, this is the future King, God Save the Queen!