Roxy Lalonde likes stuff. she has a life not just ‘lol drinking lol everyone is so hot’ she is so much more then just mindless drunk texts and senseless rambling– She coded a file and sent it to jane and blown up janes computer. The only other person who blew up a laptop? sollux.   

Roxy liked coding files to mess with her friends, she liked playing video games, she liked writing fan fictions about gay wizard ocs. She quit drinking before she went god tier, i still see TOOOOONS of fan art and fanfictions with her making spelling mistakes when she is in god tier.

she saw she had a problem, and FIXED IT. SHE FIXED HER PROBLEM. Unlike other alpha kids who sat and thought too much about there problems. They didnt fix there problems,

You would think that someone who had a big problem and fixed it would get a butt load more of adoration, but no. A lot of people still portray her as a dumb drunkard.