Night Life

> There were times when you loved being a bassist, and times when you hated it. Granted, you could play guitar almost as well as you could the bass, but not nearly as good as your lead. Fuck, you hated that guy, you hated this song, and you hated this crowd. You didn’t actually hate the song that much, but it was terrible for the end of a gig. After some little applause, you packed up your case, leaned it over against a wall, and went straight for the bar.

> You called for a drink, nothing all that simple, and your mind drifted to the thought of your mate. You’d done all this just to get away from him for the night, and being fairly pissed off at him didn’t help either. He’d probably kill you if he knew you were here, and you had to admit, you were starting to share that opinion. The place was littered with highbloods. Impatient as ever, you snap over to the bartender to hurry it up.

leftwinnerruins asked:

Hello sweetie!, perhaps I can have your time for a minute. I'am doing best I can to setup my one of a kind game on MY Tumblr and perhaps you could test it?. Please give a try honey! Will last only a few seconds. Tell me if all correct. Thank you! Roxina.

Has anyone even met someone actually names Roxina before? Spam accounts don’t count.

Golden Twenties

It was a loud night, a loud, boisterous, downright raucous night, and you wouldn’t want it any other way. The lights of the city were about bright enough to blind if you looked at them long enough, but who had the kind of patience for that? Certainly not you. No, tonight wasn’t a time for waiting, or of being patient. It was a time to cut yourself loose, have a little fun, and maybe meet some new people. 

As you weaved through the crowded streets, lowbloods and midbloods just like you swarming the concrete jungle, you felt your breath become easier, and you confidence, somehow,  that much higher. This was your element. In a jet black dress, purse slung over your shoulder. Your destination wasn’t anyplace in particular.  A club, preferably, but you didn’t care which one. They all blurred together after enough visits to each.

You did find one, not too high-end, but still with a few highbloods to even out the mix. Despite your age, you barely looked a day over 20, you knew how to take care of yourself, and the makeup helped as well. After getting well enough acquainted with the establishment, you made your way over to the bar. Now if only some fine young troll would buy you something…

anonymous asked:

★★★ Thisle, Roxina, Elpida

★ - Thisle

  • Due to her being a self-proclaimed, very independent troll, Thisle is absolutely terrible with interacting with other trolls, and communication is one of her biggest pitfalls. This is another reason she has much wider range of expressive emotions when dealing with animals.

★ - Roxina

  • Roxina’s left eye, the bright-red scar that covers it, is a result of her pushing herself too far with her psiionics. She’s naturally a very hot-blooded troll, and so her brighter, angrier tendencies fuel her powers more than her cool, calm, collected ones. She over exerted herself, and one bled over into the other.

★ - Elpida

  • Elpida is almost fluent with sign-language, and it was how she learned to speak before she was introduced to other trolls. She’s rusty now, but despite her being so quiet, language is definitely her strong suit. Communication in relationships, not so much.

anonymous asked:

what is all y'alls opinion on super mario galaxy this is highly important information especially anything pertaining to rosalina

<i>f you’re <i>nto that sorta th<i>ng, <i>t’s a good game. n<i>ce evolut<i>on for the whole mar<i>o franch<i>se, pretty cool mechan<i>cs, graph<i>cs for the t<i>me, and man that ost had some damn nice tracks <i>n <i>t.

buuut <i>t didn’t have nearly as much sh<i>t blow<i>n’ up and on f<i>re as <i>’d prefer.

> It was bad enough that your mate was keeping you under essential hive arrest, and your mood reflected it. Needless to say, when some punk wriggler manages to whoop you and your whole team’s collective ass, you aren’t gonna take this sitting down. No one fucks with Red Ring on a night like tonight.

AC: hey dumbass!

AC: hope you know the only reason you won <i>s because that AR you got <i>s an unbalanced pos.

AC: that and my team couldn’t get <i>t through the<i>r th<i>ck heads to stop runn<i>n out <i>n front of my shots

AC: 1v1. <i>’ll even let you use that cheap-ass gun you love.

AC: so you down or WHAT?

Two of my trolls have really prominent online presences!

this babe does classical rock renditions of pop songs and uploads video recordings to trolltube or whatever the fuck it’s called.

she also kicks ass in whatever is the most popular troll fps there is, both of these under the username red_ring or RedRing

and this one does some digital art (it’s really weird and mostly abstract, but cool in it’s own right), but mostly writes various creepypasta-esque stuff, as well as a decently read blog that’s mostly dream journals, things like that.

username/alias is Anasun