I went to the gym expecting an active recovery day. Coach had a workout for me instead, so let’s just say I’m glad I had extra shorts in my bag, because my current leggings wouldn’t stay up if I duck taped them to myself.

STRENGTH: 5x 1 snatch + 1 hang snatch + 1 OHS


I failed 105 a couple times, then failed the hang, but I got it at the end. That re-grip is a bitch after the first snatch.



I got 6 every round, unbroken. And hands didn’t rip. Whaaa? But they are throbbing.

METCON: 5x in teams of 3
Partner 1 - 12 DB S2OH, 12 KBS, 200m row
Partner 2 - Rest
Partner 3 - Hold plates in both hands

Class was huge so the actual wod had to get modified to teams of three, which added the hold portion. We ran over into the next class so coach time capped us all at 25:00. I just about finished my last 200m row when the clock hit. My two partners still needed to do their fifth round, but we were close.

I did 30# DBs, 53# KB, and 25# plates.

RXd would have been 35# plates, but none of us could actually get our hands around it, so 25# it was!

Holding the plates was the WORST! Then you go and try to hold a KB? Good luck. Oh and then row? Great.

We haven’t worked grip strength in - hmm - 4 months, but smack in the middle of open season seems like a good time.

After round two I turned to coach and said, “what the fuck is wrong with you!!?”

To which he pointed to his shirt, “forging elite fitness.”

"No, no. Mediocre fitness today. I’m good with just mediocre."

And finally, I dropped to 385 in the NE sometime today. I’m still happy with that :)