Historic epic ‘Bu Bu Jing Xin’ hits big screen next year

After hitting the small screen big time, the TV adaptation of Chinese author Tong Hua’s best-selling novel, “Bu Bu Jing Xin,” is heading to the big-screen in 2015.

Shooting for the film starting this week in China, with Taiwan-born actress Ivy Chen taking up the role of the story’s heroine, Ruoxi.

Ruoxi was played by actress Cecilia Liu in the TV version.

Chen is joined on set by “The Crossing” actor Tony Yang, Chinese-Canadian actor Shawn Dou, who starred in the 2010 hit, “Love of the Hawthorne Tree,” and mainland actor Yu Bo - though their roles have yet to be revealed.

"Bu Bu Jing Xin" tells the story of a modern-day woman who travels back in time to the Qing Dynasty and gets caught up in a web of love and politics in the royal court of Emperor Kangxi.

Movie Version of BBJX Confirmed

Let me start off with a yay! It has been confirmed that indeed there will be a movie version of Bu Bu Jing Xin which has a working title Xin Bu bu Jing Xin <新步步惊心> and filming will start November 18th.

The production team answered questions such as story content, direction and how different it will be from the movie. Of course fans are worried that it might ruin the TV version experience. Personally, I think that TV and film are two very different platforms. There have been many dramas turned into film and vice-versa. I’m just happy that I will get to see a story I love with a different interpretation yet remaining to loyal to “fantasy” romance that made BBJX popular.

Like I reported in earlier post, Ivy Chen will play Maer’tai Rouxi while Tony Yang will take on 8th Prince Yin Si and Shawn Dou will be 4th Prince Yin Zhen.