Mommy won’t let me sleep. She keeps sticking a bright light in my face.


So I am a daddy!…I have two sons and two daughters. The smallest is a boy named Quillen. His brother is Bucky. The sweet sister is Florence, and the little huffy grumpy girl is named after me for obvious reasons, Claudia.  They are 4 weeks old as of sunday Nov.1st.                                                            -Claude the Hog

They have grown so much in just 4 weeks. Soon they will be old enough to be sent off to their new homes with new families when they are 8 weeks. I don’t want them to go off! But they must… 6 hedgehogs would probably be a little too much to handle. :\

I found out last week that one of my female hedgehogs back home passed away the Wednesday before.
Her name was Luna because she was mostly white and she was a little nutty like Lune Lovegood from Harry Potter.
My mother explained what happened and It makes me incredibly sad because I wasn’t there to try and help. I live in Chattanooga TN with my male hedgehog Claude while Luna and Gladys lived with my parents in Nashville.
But my parents said they tried everything to help once they saw that she wasn’t moving and very cold but still alive, sadly she died 10 minutes later so there wasn’t even time to go to a vet.
They put her in a towel in a box and buried her on the hill with their dogs they had since before I was born 21 years ago. She will get a rock as her headstone like the three family dogs