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Hey! Huge fan of your blog. I'm looking for a good shred workout for women, but they all just use body weight and Dumbbells. I'm used to lifting heavy and have a ton of fun doing it, so a workout with that would be amazing. Do you have any suggestions?

Have you check this one?

It’s all about lifting heavy. It will help you get your body to the next level.

Try it and tell me what you think

bless i actually found a korean bb cream that matches my skintone THIS IS A TRUE MIRACLE

Some Tips for A Happier Life

Here are some tips based on personal experiences that have helped me find more happiness and contentment in my life that I would like to share with all of you. 

1. Reduce Responsibilities. 

Sometimes, we take on too many things and feel obligated to do them all. This can cause us to feel overwhelmed and not get anything done at all. Unless, we are used to dealing with a lot of responsibilities, then it’s best we start with what we can handle. Identify all the things you feel responsible for and which of those things you could eliminate right away. The less you have to do, the more you will actually get things done. For example, if you’re a student and you find yourself struggling between taking too many courses, work and family relationships, then maybe it’s time to drop a few of those courses. At the end of the day, it won’t be able the degree you get anyways but how well you have mastered what you learn and can apply it to the real world. 

2. Take Time To Do the Things That Makes You Happy 

Unless you are a robot and you have disciplined yourself to be like one, then you should spend some time to enjoy each day. Set a time slot each day either at the beginning or end of the day to do something that brings you fulfillment. For myself, that would be spending time with my family and hence going to eat in the morning or something really makes the rest of the day much more fulfilling. I also finish each night by watching my favorite anime or reading an ebook. 

3. Create a routine that makes you happy

The key to being happier is consistently improving the level of happiness you experience over time. Hence, you need a morning or night routine. The morning routine preps you for the day. It could be something as small as thinking of three things you are grateful for to talking to your love ones or something. The night routine is for you to prep for the next day. For the night routine, you could read your favorite book, spend time with your love ones, watch your favorite movie so that you will feel motivated to wake up for the next day. Routines are an essential part of developing happiness over a period of time. As time go on, you may be find new activities to incorporate into these routines but as long as you have a routine that brings you some level of happiness or satisfaction to your life, you will be more mindful of things that you could do when you are in a bad mood or something. 

4. Change your Environment. 

Sometimes, it can’t help but to be stuck in a specific place with specific people. Make it a goal to change your environment when possible. For example, if you find it hard to focus or be happy when you are home, you could potentially find a cafe or library, friend’s place where you could work at. Away from these distractions or negativity. The key is identifying how your environment is shaping your happiness and doing what you can to change it. Move, travel, make it a goal to have your own place if necessary and work hard to get the finances to make that happen. 

5. Surround Yourself with the Right People

Just like your environment, you want to be mindful of the influences the type of people you surround yourself with. Are they inspiring you or making you want to be a better person? Or are their negativity and complaining dragging you down as well?

6. Find Someone to Love

Certainly it’s important to love yourself, but even more important when you can find someone to love. When you can appreciate others more than you can appreciate yourself, there is a different level of happiness you experience. 

Feel free to write/put together your article about how to be happier and tag me. 

Preparing for a Job Interview?

Here are preparation strategies to ensure you’re at your best for your next interview:

1) Practice out loud, NOT in writing or in your head.

2) Prioritize examples, NOT answers to specific questions.

3) Prepare two lists of questions, NOT a one-size-fits-all.

4) Practice in performance conditions, NOT with friends.

5) Follow your game day strategy, NOT your everyday routine.

Get more job interview tips here.

Looking to get in a great #ab #workout at home? Try this home ab #routine. Complete each #exercise back-to-back. Repeat 3 times.

• Side Plank - 45 seconds
• Plank - 1 minute
• Lying Leg Raises - Until Failure
• Cross body Crunch - Until Failure

Tim Gunn’s Sunday routine

Every Sunday, Tim Gunn puts on a suit and walks through Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art:

It’s a sacred place for me, with all this incredible history and gorgeous work. I want to present myself properly. I just feel it’s an honor and a tribute to the work… [In the park] I go through a section called the Pinetum, an arboretum devoted almost exclusively to pine trees… I go to the Greek and Roman Galleries first. I’ll choose different objects to fixate upon… Then I go to the Balcony Lounge on the second floor and I have a glass or two of wine, and tea sandwiches. It’s really civilized. I always have my iPad. Frequently I’ll be researching something I’ve just seen. 

Some people said it sounds kind of lonely or sad, but it sounds like paradise to me. It reminded me of Tim Kreider, in one of my favorite essays of all time, “The Referendum”:

…at 42 I’ve never been married and don’t want kids. I recently had dinner with some old friends, a couple with two small children, and when I told them about my typical Saturday in New York City — doing the Times crossword, stopping off at a local flea market, maybe biking across the Brooklyn Bridge — they looked at me like I was describing my battles with the fierce and elusive Squid-Men among the moons of Neptune. The obscene wealth of free time at my command must’ve seemed unimaginably exotic to them, since their next thousand Saturdays are already booked.

Here’s the whole archive of NYTimes #SundayRoutine columns.

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