Balas diamonds

We recently reported on the rare polycrystalline black diamonds found in Brazil and Africa (, noting that their origin remains a mystery. These spherical diamonds are also made of many tiny crystals, and their round shape is natural, though no one knows exactly how or why, unlike the human polished diamond marbles we shared awhile back (see So far they have only been found in Brazil, and this specimen measures 1x1x1cm, weighing in at 10.15 carats.


Image credit: Rob Lavinsky/


If you’ve been looking for a way to take your ping-pong skills to the next level, consider trading that traditional rectangular table for one that’s round. This is Ping-Pong Go Round, an awesome modular ping-pong table created as an interactive art installation by Singaporean artist Lee Wen.

“Table tennis has been around for nearly a century now. As a sport it is said to be almost equal for the women’s game as compared to that of the man’s.
The game itself is like a dialogue between players on opposite sides. Would it be possible to change its shape to that like a conference table? By making it a doughnut round shape with no borders towards the left and right side, a different perception of the limitations of the preceding game gives new possibilities of a broader dialogue.”

The Ping-Pong Go Round is made of 15 plywood tabletops that measures 6 meters (~20 feet) in diameter. Multiple players stand inside the table ring to play with players on the outside. Wen has set up his table an invited people to play in locations around Southeast Asia, Australia, Hong Kong, and Istanbul.

Visit Lee Wen’s website to learn more about playing Ping-Pong Go Round.

[via Technabob and Fubiz]