Hi all! 

I am pleased to announce that I have finished my latest piece. This was my first landscape and the project went remarkably well! I began by using a piece by another artist as an inspiration for my piece. This other piece had very similar composition and the lighting in the sky had the same feel as mine does. However this piece was incredibly stylized, which resembled that of Enigma. My goal for this piece though, was not to emulate the stylistic choices of another artist, but to learn how to handle acrylic paint, and to understand color theory, in practice. Though I would not chose a composition like this one for my next landscape, the challenges that I had taught me a lot. The biggest challenge I had was the mixing of the sky. I learnt that I must mix more paint than I think I will need (because I will use it all) and that each pair of colors must have a transition color between them. This, paired with not cleaning your brush between color shifts, creates color harmony. I used this technique later, for the hills at the bottom. The blending here is less smooth because I wanted to emulate a rougher landscape. 

I hope you like it dear viewer because I really do :). I am not sure how one goes about naming a landscape, but I am calling this “Lightest Before Dusk”.

In other news Enigma is in an art show currently! I am going with the school to see her on display, Monday! I am having second thoughts about the name Enigma though, it sounds harsher than the piece is intended to be. I’ve decided to name her Transient instead. 

Hey there art lovers! 

So it’s my first post on my brand new art blog, and I thought I’d take a moment to share my story a little bit. So here goes:

My name is Roujan, I’m sixteen, and I won’t lie to you I have been through quite a few “downs” in the rollercoaster of life. Through all of those bad times though, I found something within myself to keep moving forward. That may sound like an ideal way to be going through life, but eventually all the things that never seemed to bother you will hit you, and when they do, they hit hard. When my past caught up with me, it nocked my feet out from under me and left me winded. I am about to sound really cliché here, but I truly found solstice in drawing. I remember sitting down at my kitchen table a few months ago, absentmindedly doodling on a hotel notepad. Excluding the pictures I had drawn as a child, where the sky covered just an eighth of the page, this was my first real drawing. That day I drew a portrait of a young girl who I imagined had terminal cancer. Though I cannot relate to her story, drawing her face, which was like an open book for her emotions, felt like I was drawing myself. I sorely regret to say that I lost that picture I drew, because it truly meant so much to me. The silver lining though, is that I will be making much more art in the future.

Recently I participated in my very first art show at Swinton’s Art Store in Calgary. I submitted a portrait I had done of a man my art teacher knows. I spent over a month and countless hours working on Tom (that’s his name in real life too), so I’ve grown extremely attached to him. Naturally, seeing him displayed at the art show made me so proud, and just generally ecstatic. I feel so lucky that I will be seeing him on display again at the Calgary Stampede Western Showcase.



Until then though, I will start working on a new piece. While juggling the vast amounts of studying that I have been neglecting thus far. If you have a picture that follows the theme of faces with a story that you would like to see me draw please submit it, by clicking requests!

Since my surprise late post of a minion from despicable me, done with coloured pencils, I have been devoting a great deal of my time to mastering the techniques of coloured pencil. As I continue to read about this medium I’m learning more and more just how misunderstood these poor tools are. For example, there are millions of the lowest quality of coloured pencils rolling around the floors of every kindergarten class, in the world. And for the majority of kids in those classrooms these wonderful tools wont be used past the days of colouring books.  I wish that kindergarten teachers who have the access to these pencils (although low quality) could teach the children that they have the potential to create beautiful works of art with these tools. 

Don’t believe me? Check out this piece that I’m sure you’ve seen floating around tumblr, done by Ester Roi


For all of you who haven’t seen this image until now, I understand the level of shock you’re in, trust me I was there too! So now I’m certain that we are all in agreement about how greatly misunderstood these tools are. 

Here’s an example of an artist really thinking outside the box, or colouring outside the lines if you will: 


I will continue to learn as much as I can about coloured pencils, and hopefully have another finished piece next week! 

Something that I feel very passionately about

Today for some reason unknown to even myself, I have been pondering the idea of bad art. In my entire life, I did not know that was a classification that could even be made about an artists work. To me it just seems down right wrong to say that about any piece of art. So with these thoughts in mind I looked for a quote that I saw just a few days ago. It went something along the lines of “I’m such a bad artist and I’ll never amount to anything”. Now, call me crazy but I found that so inspiring that I wanted to base my entire blog entry about that piece, but of course it was no where to be found! Even so, I’d like to explain my logic in feeling inspired by this. Reading that another artist felt that way about their art, did not make me feel the need to console them or try to give them a confidence boost. Instead I feel that there is a hidden culture amongst artists, that their work is never ending, and thus a good artist’s urge to create art is never satisfied by the completion of one piece. I hope any artist reading this will agree, or tell me why they think otherwise! 

For me, this was a revelation that lead me to change my view on the term “bad art”. Though this is not my work, I believe this is quite fitting for my ah ha moment about art. 


Finally, I found a museum that I’d like to display something of mine in: 


(it exists) 

See you all next week! happy arting! 

Howdy everyone!


Firstly I must start off this week with good news! I’m not actually certain that I mentioned this to all of you yet, but I participated in the Western Showcase in the Calgary Stampede this year. Now, I don’t know who the jurors were for this art show (is that what they’re called?) but I’d love to thank them since they gave me a third place ribbon!! I must say I was pretty stunned to walk into the huge hall that all the artworks were being presented in, just to see that there was a fantastic ribbon by my art! Here is a picture of me looking pretty in front of Tom!




Going through these posts these past few weeks I’m growing a little bit worried that you all think Tom is the only piece I’m planning on showing you, which would be a little bit funny, but it is so not the case here! I’m still working on my other piece, although she is mostly finished, she is just waiting on me to complete her highlights and give her irises, but other than that she’s good to go! I hadn’t decided on a name for her until just now actually, but from here on in, she is going to be named Erika with a ‘k’. I’m pretty proud to say that I have been getting the hang of this whole time management business! Since I’ve managed to spend focused time working on Erika each day, and I actually finished a different piece at the same time! (Without locking myself inside like a crazy art lady, of course.) This second piece is quite different from what I usually do, since I completed it at a workshop! Having been my first experience with acrylics – apart from kindergarten—I feel very proud of my sunflower. Apart from the final product, I also learnt so many things about the nature of acrylic paint and brushstroke techniques. Mostly I feel very surprised by how easy it was to use color, which usually overwhelms me a whole lot; also the strong contrast between the petals and the background created a startling intensity that I am proud to have created.




Have a good week everyone! I’ll be back with more cool new things next week so stay tuned! 

Hello there, everyone welcome to post number two! 

I’m thinking that I should not start off my posts like that every time; because lets face it I will lose count by next week. Apart from that little not to myself, I’d like to take the time to thank you for following my blog! It means a lot to know that you’re with me through my journey!

 This week was one of the few, which occur every year, where my head has been spinning ceaselessly while I try to juggle a million tasks at once. You’re wondering what I was doing this whole time, right? Well I was studying like a mad woman for my Chemistry 30 diploma. This is a test that each student in Alberta must complete when they are in grade 12; it’s worth a whopping 50 percent of your final grade! So as you can imagine I haven’t had the concentration to be working on a larger project. I did however frame Tom and display him in my living room! And I’ve added many pieces to my sketchbook and finished up some of the older pieces. 

Luckily for all you enthusiastic art lovers, I’ve taken pictures of my favorite ones! (This would be a good time to fangirl)


Now I assume you have all heard about the devastating floods in Alberta. I am one of the few who were not directly impacted by the rushing water, nevertheless all Albertans who were scheduled to write their diplomas this year, have received an exemption. (I lied this is a better time to fangirl). Due to this change of plans I’ve had enough time to begin a larger project. I am still in the process of blocking out all of the aspects of this girls face, but here is the original un-copyrighted picture:




I mentioned the theme for my upcoming drawings last week: Faces with a Story. When I decided on that theme I thought that meant solely the elderly, because they have lived through so much. But as I look at this image, I see new life, I see enthusiasm, and I see wonderful stories. That said, I’m actually a little bit anxious to be drawing her, since this will be only my second time drawing a child’s face. However, I’m starting to feel like no matter how experienced I become, there will always be nerves when I take a completely blank page and attempt to recreate a persons face upon it. I think though, that’s part of the fun of my trade.

I hope all of you enjoy the rest of your week, check back in next Monday for another post! And of course to all fellow Albertans, stay safe and dry, my thoughts go out to all of you. 

Hey there beautiful followers, I’m back from my hiatus! 

I recently have created quite a bit of art, and I’d love to take this chance to display it all!

This first piece is another unfinished self-portrait, this time done with colored pencils. It is one of the biggest artistic challenges for me to do self-portraits, mainly because my model always moves! (I understand that its inevitable, but it’s really difficult) the second challenge arises from my self-image. Although I can confidently say that it is not as distorted as some people I still get the sense that it is not fully accurate. Therefore, although this exercise becomes somewhat cathartic, it is also is extremely difficult to know the degree of accuracy the piece has. Due to this, I have indefinitely put a hold on this project. Sorry!


The next piece is the still life that I had planned to draw, of the wooden sculpture in my room. I spent a good three hours sketching and coloring in this piece before I began to doze off. I know deep down that I have to complete nice still life pieces for my portfolio, but I need to take long breaks in between! That or find a more stimulating piece to draw. Despite all of this though, I do feel that I want to work on this piece until completion! Perhaps, today! After I do the math homework that I am procrastinating right now :P. Until then however, here is the piece:



Keeping with the theme of old pieces, I’d like to bring back Erika! I have been staring at her for months now, feeling like she is still unfinished, and missing something. Finally this became too much for me to bear! So I added a little splash of color to her eyes! I think it really makes them pop now, so I am much more happy with her! I was tempted to also color in her lips, but I felt that would be too much. Let me know what you think!



And now for my newest piece! (she’s untitled still ). I found inspiration for her when I drew my pink scribbly drawing before, and I decided to add colors that don’t ordinarily match a persons face with more chunky brush strokes. There is a story attached to her as well. She quickly turning her head and looking back over her shoulder, to look at all the people in her past who have out grown her, or left her behind so to speak. In doing so she is telling them that she has moved on and that she doesn’t need them anymore. Despite having moved on, she still cannot look upon them with forgiveness or apathy. With a story as complex as this, it has been a real challenge to find an appropriate name for her. I originally wanted to call her “the on looker” but I feel that this is not strong enough to portray her story. “Enigma” was my next option for a name, I think I’m leaning closer to this one, because in looking back, she is proving that she has moved on, and that makes her an enigma. I also feel like this could serve as a name, albeit a harsh one. Thus making it a suitable name for this piece.

Thus, is Enigma:  



It’s been a busy week in art town!
I attended a week long painting course at ACAD where I had the opportunity to start and nearly finish four peices. These are the four pictured side by side. The first peice will be an anstract self portrait, and those bands of color that you see will be my hair. And to tie it all together my eyebrows will also be colored as well as my irises :). The next peice is a peice demonstrating the conflict of a tug of war. Although one side is clearly winning, the instrument used in the conflict is tearing, prompting the “ouch!” This word is actually embossed in real life. This is an effect I created by sticking actual tape to the canvas. The second last peice is my favourite from this week, and is the closest I came to finishing a peice. It was done on a wood board. I’m hoping the story illustrated seems self explainitory to you, although it could go both ways; so consider that food for thought. Finally the last peice is one that we coppied from our instructor. It is in tw style of draw painting which is really good for grafic design.

As well as going to that class I also attended two out of four days of a figure drawing course! This course was incredibly fast paced and gave me the opportunity to experience working from nude models for the first time. The two figures I have attached were both done on the same day, which really illustrates the amount pf growth I’ve experienced in that class.

Finally I spent some time exploring the feel of oil pastel by drawing a still life of three peaches :) I still feel the need to improve my color mixing abilities as well as finding a technique to layer colors more in order to create detail. I’ve also purchased prisma color pencils to start experimenting with too!

Have an artful week folks!

Hey there art fans it’s Canada Day!


Although I’ve been wished a happy long weekend about a hundred times this week it feels like a picturesque summers’ day. The recent influx in moisture in our atmosphere has left ordinarily dry Calgary an insanely humid place. This change has frizzed out and breathless, so the only thing I have wanted to do all week was to sit at home and copy what I see from my computer screen. There hasn’t been much down time for me this week though, and I was thinking of a funny joke. (It seems funny inside my head, but lemme know if it makes no sense.) You know how when you get good at something and people tell you that you can quit your day job now? Well I just got two jobs, so what does that say about me :P


Honestly though, I once read that Georgia O’Keeffe said that an artist hoping to be successful, should always have the equivalent of three solo art shows finished at any given time. Now, this artist had great success in the art world, so her advice must be valid, but I cannot even fathom the concept of even storing so many pieces, let alone completing them and remembering all of their names! I’m hopping to gain a bit of perspective this summer as I become more experienced, and hopefully mature as an artist. At this point though, I think I’ll take it piece by piece until I get a better hang of finding the inspiration to start and complete a piece. Maybe have more than one project ongoing at a time? If anyone has any insights for me let me know I would really appreciate it!


Also side note I was looking for her quote so I could make a direct reference, but I had no luck. I would advise however to take a glance at some of her quotes, it really provides a window into her thinking. Spoiler alert, she didn’t even like flowers (head to this link for her quotes:   http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/g/georgia_okeeffe.html )

I haven’t taken any recent pictures of my newest project while it is in progress, because I letting the anticipation build up for the final outcome. Until then though, I will let you in on the inside scoop on the process as a whole. Firstly, the type of paper I bought looks like an ordinary piece of poster paper, however it is much more textured and is a tint of grey that is leaning towards pink almost. The fact that the paper has color has changed so much! For example now, I’m beginning to realize that the majority of my darkest hues will be created with my hardest charcoal pencil (for those of you who don’t know the softer charcoal is, the darker of a line it will create); This means that my lightest values cannot come by simply letting some of the paper show through, and I will have to draw those in with a white pencil. What I have noticed in the past when drawing in highlights, over top of other black lines is that it creates grey. I know in your heads you are telling me to go back to kindergarten to solidify this concept for myself, but it is actually really surprising when you take a moment to think about it. Consider this: with a medium charcoal pencil you can draw a grey scale with many different shades of grey, but if you put white over top of those shades it doesn’t allow you to see through to the paper anymore, and so you see more of the white pencil. With this in mind, I am thinking that just a tiny bit of white on colored paper, in the midst of all the surrounding shading, will stand out an incredible amount.


With all of this speculation about highlights, I don’t want to mislead all of you I am still very much in the beginning phases of this piece. With that said, I am confident that this piece will take far less time to complete than Tom did. Largely due to the differences in my schedule, and partly because Tom had a lot more time to acquire a great deal of wrinkles on his face, whereas this girl hasn’t.


I hope all of you have been noticing that I don’t have a name for her yet, so if any of you have a suggestion for me drop me a line and let me know! Because once I get in the habit of calling my people by a name, that’s the name the piece will receive.