It happens in the last episode, so I was reading all the scripts and I got to the page where it says, ‘Jojen gets stabbed repeatedly in the stomach.’ I thought, That’s OK. I’ll be fine because no one’s told me yet and I’m not dead in the books. I’ll be fine.

“So I keep reading and see, ‘Meera comes over and slits his throat.’ Then I thought, Well, I’m amongst all these White Walkers. Maybe the plan is to turn me into a White Walker — that would be really, really cool. Then, that little girl comes out, throws a Molotov cocktail, and I burst into flames. That’s when I knew I was definitely, definitely dead. Dead. Properly dead.

—  Thomas Brodie Sangster on how he found out Jojen was getting killed off earlier than in the books (x)

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i just saw someone saying that felicity is a love interest while laurel, sara and thea kick ass. i thing those people missed about half of season 2. haters are on a roll.

hmmmm. let’s see here. felicity does not kick ass at all. in fact, all she’s ever done is

  • go undercover in an underground casino which was, of course, a risk
  • literally took a bullet for sara.
  • stabbed slade - A DUDE WHO HAD A FUCKING SWORD AT HER THROAT - with the cure
  • once again put herself out there as bait to catch the dollmaker
  • kind of countlessly saves everyone ass with her tech skills

like just because she isn’t punching people or shooting things at people doesn’t mean she doesn’t kick ass like jfc when will people realize this.


                 ((well i mean it will be spring in like 3 days))


 ofc the first person is harry20l2  

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Just toying with the idea of Rings having a male friend, sort of inspired by a kid from a pokemon movie and Rhyme from “the world ends with you” I think i just wanted to draw a character with kind of messy hair

Just had these ideas for some sword designs the other day, i have some ideas for the swords them selves but i never know if I will ever follow up with any of these ideas so what ever

Kamen Rider OOO: The Most Dysfunctional Family

… In case you were curious, the blame for this one gets assigned wholly to my friend Richard. “I want an AU where everything is the same but Mezul is the literal mom to the other Greeed,” he said. “It’d be great,” he said.

WELL I HOPE YOU’RE PROUD OF YOURSELF, RICHARD. You’ll probably regret this later, y’know. I take no responsibility for this!