Okay, a few words about TG root A. I hate seeing Touka’s experiences. I hate seeing Tsukiyama’s tears. I hate seeing how Kaneki’s friends have been excluded from his life… I hate seeing stuff like that. It literally sits on my mind for the longest time and makes me feel awfully sick. Really sucks.
Sorry, I have so many thoughts that i want to share with the world, so this was one of them

Hey everyone!

So, I asked around to see if there was a Sourin chat, but no one knew of one. I felt I had to remedy that by creating a Skype chat group! I would like for all Sourin fans to have a place to discuss and fawn over the ship. I do hope we can create a lovely home for everyone to have fun!

All you have to do is add me on Skype (empressarcana) and in the add request type Friendship butterfly cross! I will accept your add request and add you to the chat as soon as I can. :) If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to message me. 

Let’s spread the sharky love!

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