To any Markiplite or Darkiplite feeling bad or the like; I just want to give you all a big virtual hug!

You are loved, you are important, and you are essential to this fandom. You would be missed if you left. Every single Markiplite/Darkiplite is important. Please hang in there because there is someone, either in real life or on here, that loves you more than life itself. And they’d do anything to see you happy!

Love you all and stay strong! We are here for you!

Above the palm trees. Oh my father. Above the palm trees. I don’t know if [her] cheeks are glowing? I don’t know if the moon has risen? I swear I don’t want her! She has increased my burdens. Her beautiful eyes torture me… I can’t make my soul more patient. I can’t endure this distance. The ships of love are sailing. May God protect her*.  - Nazem Al Ghazali 

*from the torture of love 

I’d hate to have Nazem as a son. Get off the wall young man! Nine months I laboured, and this is how you reply me?! Did you do the dishes? Of course not. Rigel ala rigel*, climbing walls, spying on the neighbour’s girl. Again. How many times have I told you… 

Who’s up for an uber sweet remix of The Weeknd’s Often Rough? It’s time to delve into this amazing rendition by none other than White Sea, aka Morgan Kibby, also of M83. That’s right. Morgan Kibby/White Sea remixed The Weeknd. Dope, right? I suppose in some ways, it makes sense. White Sea’s beautiful, soaring electronic pop music carries plenty of sexy grittiness in its lyrics. Morgan also likes to be a potty mouth on many of her songs, though she has an incomparable ability to make curse words sound 150% gorgeous. On her remix of Often Rough, she layers in her own vocals, creating a compelling, haunting duet and giving the song plenty of her glistening, soaring dramatics.

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