Oh well. You got hurt. You went past your limitations and found yourself torn to pieces. You found yourself enduring a pain that you’ve never felt before. You waited. You paced back and forth. You exhausted your patience up to the point where you lost control. You gave in. You let another get the best of you. You finally let yourself trust somebody and it ended badly. There are no more forever deals to fufill.
But you know what? You strived to love more than your past. You broke through any sort of wall or finish line, past your previous self. Past your previous walls or limitations. The endurance of pain is the alternative to love isn’t it? So similar and so close. Eventually you’ll learn to love the pain because it’s a sign of your growth. You wrapped yourself up in a rope of insecurity so tightly that you struggled to breathe but now it dangles off your torso. You’ll pull yourself closer to the source and find that insecurities only help to hold you down, to help you face your own humility. And as time goes on, you’ll find yourself undone again. No more attachments. You’ll find yourself able to pull back, to push harder into the self you were meant to be. All of this could not come without the pain. The break down. The phase where everything came crashing in on you. There will be no need to gather all the pieces. You’ll take only what is necessary to another destination. You’ll evaluate, analyze, and rationalize where you’ll go but, eventually you’ll figure out it all leads to somewhere else. Then, finally, you’ll appreciate a place, a voice, a hand, a smile and you’ll want to call it home. An acquaintance, a friend, a lover, and a moment. They will share themselves to you, piece by piece. You’ll share what you’ve held on to with them. Piece by piece explored, some interlocking, some without a match. You’ll trade your stories, your dreams, your secrets, and you’ll build solidarity. Another limitation, more walls, more things that could possibly break. But you’ll find yourself to be an expert architect. Skilled in the trade of regeneration, of rebuilding, of starting from scratch. And if this home finds itself within storms, withstanding hurricanes, infested by pests, filled with unwelcomed visitors, and an opportunity of complete demolition.. I know you’ll be able to look at your weathered hands, think and smirk to yourself, ‘Oh well.’
—  Memorandum to Motivation; The “Writings I will not keep in my drafts” Series. 9/05.27.15
My girlfriend and I have come up with nicknames for each other’s “private parts.” Our favorite game is to see how many times we can use them without anyone noticing. My top comment was telling her mother that it was her daughter’s ‘wit and charm’ that first attracted to me. Hers is telling her mom that 'bubbles’ was her favorite toy as a kid. I was initially upset that she named my member “bubbles” until the next thing that came out of her mouth was “I like to blow bubbles”
  • Interviewer:Which action sequences were your favorite to film?
  • Chris :It was probably when I hit Tom in the nose by accident. Tom has to wear Loki’s helmet, and it gets really hot in there. While shooting one of our fight scenes, a stuntman came up to me and said, ‘Tom might be losing it a little.’ So, I bumped him in the nose to calm him down a bit. Not really. It was just an accident. But he did bleed for a couple hours.