A blush brighter than any light in Rougeport glowed on Nabbit’s cheeks as Morticia leaned in to kiss his lips. Extremely bashful and unsure of what to do, he sat there, wondering if his female Boo friend would break the kiss or keep it going.

theshyguy16 asked:

If MK8 gets more DLC, what would you like to see? Personally for me Bowser Jr, Petey, Hammer Bro. And Diddy Kong and maybe a Paper Mario track based on the thousand year door, like rougeport

Bowser Jr. is just weird not being there even being incorporated into the Baby Park track.  I get the Koopalings are there but no reason he can’t be as well.  Diddy Kong also is a weird omission.  I am hoping for a Kirby pack and we get to see some of the Kirby Air Ride tracks remastered for Mario Kart 8.