This is Barrett. He is my mother’s two year old Rottie. He was born with a genetic mutation that slowly turns his fur white over time, making him look much older. Despite that, I think he’s the most beautiful dog with the biggest heart. :)


From Size 24-14Uk size took me 2 years but I’m happier with my body now even with its scars and leftover chub. Fuck what people say, don’t ever change unless it’s for yourself, don’t ever hide yourself away in the dark and don’t ever give up.

the signs as dog breeds

Aries: Schnauzer 

Taurus: Saint Bernard

Gemini: Golden Retriever 

Cancer: Pomeranian

Leo: Rottweiler 

Virgo: Beagle

Libra: Irish Setter

Scorpio: Jack Russel Terrier

Sagittarius: Greyhound 

Capricorn: Boxer

Aquarius: Whippet

Pisces: Pug