rottenmushrooms asked:

your blog is definitely going to be one of my favourite ones! breathtaking pictures - looking at them gives me wanderlust, but at the same time makes be appreciate my home (I'm from Tirol, and I just loved the photographs you took in the mountains)! I'm really looking forward to reading and seeing more from you! and btw, got any tips for Ireland cause I'm going there in March? cheers! svenja

This makes me soooo happy, I spend a lot of my time trying to help Irish people appreciate their home, I never thought I’d be able to help someone in a different country do the same. Austria is awesome, you are so lucky to live there. On the tips for Ireland side of things, I’ve a few questions for you; How long you going to be here? Where will you be staying? will you be renting a car? and what kind of things do you love to do or see while travelling ?