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Here is a music video I worked on throughout the spring with my bandmates in Wood Spider. We all rotoscoped different segments from a live video of one of our songs. I’m super proud of all of us for being able to complete such a project and trudging through all of the mental breakdowns.

Animation is becoming a super exciting medium for me. Working on this has only given me more ideas to play around with in my next project, which I hope to have done by the end of fall.


Ok so, this is my next project and while I said it’s animated (which it is I promise lol) I’m going to be doing a bit or rotoscoping.

For those who don’t know what rotoscoping is, its basically using video reference and tracing over it, however majority of rotoscoping isn’t off the base video feed, the actual animation is altered so only the motion is the same, not the person. Nothing is wrong with not altering the animation either, like it’ll all be the same thing in the long run vuv

This is the really really really rough stages of the first, it’s very shaky and there are some anatomy issues but I have used myself as reference, there be my face on the left, and there is the sketch I was doing last night and this morning on the right.

Now what I have to do is make the right look less me and more Vladamere.

A bunch of Disney animators have started an Indiegogo campaign to fund

'Hullabaloo', a 2D animated steampunk adventure short!
The whole campaign started August 27th and ends October 1st 2014. Donating will give you many exclusive perks, like web content, e-books, an art book, concept art material from the movie, actual animation cells and so on, depending on the sum you donate. They are nearly halfway to their goal of $80,000, so just $1 can make a difference, so I beg all of you to spread the word like wildfire, put it on every social network in existence and simply share, share, share.

If the team reaches their $80,000 goal, they have stretch goals that will include producing a second and third short and full orchestra recordings for the soundtrack. According the creators, if the shorts take off, they could turn the project into a web series, TV series or even feature-length animated film. HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE? To see 2D animation brought back directly by its devoted fans. Awwww yes, let’s do it!