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So, the holiday season is nearing. Have you ever considered having Aperture produce toys for good little girls and boys? :3

A few years back we did indeed give out gifts to employees instead of bonuses, what with the increase in the price of moon rocks and plutonium and whatnot. Those pathetic, lonely, single employees are the ones that work harder, longer and are just damn more committed to Science that those namby pamby, family-emergency, need-to-go-home-early-for-my-kids-recital breeders. I know we will always need another generation to carry on the noble work we do here at Aperture, but we need adults, not kids!

Thats why i personally set up the Age Reappropriation Program, attempting to take built up time from older test subjects and give it to the upstart, sickeningly young test subjects, bingo bango two employees in the prime of their life! But, uh, at the moment it only affects calcium so if you want to speed up teething, go right ahead. I would be very precise with your aim however, rapidly aging the bones in a human arm can really stretch the skin and nervous system. Excruciating.

Anyhoo, the gifts for family were various kid-friendly items. If we can’t age them in a hideous crime against nature you can be damn sure we’ll try and snag them early to the life in the service of Scientific progress! We had all sorts of educational doodads. Mobius ring toss, radiation infused Potato batteries, The Lil’ Cave “totally cool” chemistry set, My First Science Jumpsuit, Aperture “M.A.D!” (or Mind Acceleration Device) and the ever popular My Little Test Subject action playset. Kicker was, by accepting the gifts, they automatically signed up to ensure their offspring join the company when the get old enough! Haha! And the winner is…SCIENCE! 

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Thank you. [she sits at the edge of the cube, still nervous being in GLaDOS's presence but trying not to show it.] After we spoke, I tried finding my way out of here myself with no luck. This place is... unfathomably immense. But very impressive.

Yes, also you are far below the surface. You need an elevator up. *GLaDOS watched her carefully*

So, I'm kinda nervous, but I'm doing it! ^^;

Made a tumblr for my RA OC. Any ideas on what to call her other than her name — you know, since all of you have totally awesome nicknames and I’m all like, lame LOL — would be much appreciated! As would any real direction of how to work this whole tumblr askblog thing ^^;


The tumblr is here:  (now )

Literally have next to nothing on there… so any help would be totally awesome :D

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[smiles a bit sheepishly under her gas mask, still too afraid to actually remove it. Tries to think of something to say.] So... um... I'm Rotorhawk. At least that's what my friends call me.

Hello Rotorhawk, Im GLaDOS. *she looked at the person with the gas mask in front of her, glados wondered if he was hiding anything*