Zuzu’s Petals.

I saw a neat image at the dailyminimal tumblr, (greyscale image above)
that got me playing around with these petals. I decided to make the arcs circular, with a control C to move the center, and B to control the angle of the arc. To get the fading effect I included a second slider to do the in between rotations, repeating to get more opaque.

It’s at GeoGebraTube if you want to make your own.


getting better :} using my abilities more efficiently as bomb tank so I’m saving a good amount of food each kill! used to eat up pretty much all of my food during kills, not so much anymore. I’m close to being able to do 2 kills per trip, but I’m not completely confident. however, I am more confident overall. ^_~

thank you lovelies 💕 we’re doin’ it!


In a few hours my friend Liam is going to TATTOO MY BODY with the 3 hares symbol. What is the story behind the 3 hares symbol, you ask?

Nowadays if you see the motif it’s probably on a Gothic cathedral representing the holy trinity or at a neopagan gathering representing the 3 realms or on some person’s body representing whatever the fuck they want. It consists of 3 hares who share 3 ears chasing each other in an unending circle. It exhibits threefold rotational symmetry much like the triple spiral, the triskeles, Hekate’s wheel, and other fucking awesome geometrical abominations. It’s significant to me because it’s a representation of my last name, Hasenyager/jaeger.

Also it’s apparently the arms of a German village named Hasloch which I’m assuming my ancestors owned.

But the original meaning of the 3 hares is unknown. It appears to have originated somewhere in central Asia. Its first known appearance was in Dunhuang, China around the 7th century when Buddhist monks painted it on the center of cave ceilings, encircled by lotus petals. The motif then apparently spread via the silk road until it was featured in such diverse places as a Mongolian coin, Tibetan temples, Middle Eastern ceramics and textiles, European metalwork, an illuminated Bible, and British church roofs.

The Tibetan one is super derpy.

In conclusion…

The 3 hares is a mysterious transcontinental meme and I like it.

(images and info via)

I really need to instal Photoshop again (just reformatted) but without it we found the mood to produce - Sudo rotational symmetry in two colors (and yes one of them always has to be black), because this is a recession and we can only manage two at a time, dont come in here with that fancy three color nonsence, are you to good for two colors? No, I thought not, back in my day we use to dream of two colors, we had half a color to share between all forty seven of us and we where happy to have it, ah times were simpler back then, we were poor but we were honest. Back to your turnips