TV Show Recs for lynyrdwrites
For her rehab

  • 30 Rock
  • Alias
  • The Americans
  • Arrested Development
  • Bates Motel
  • Broadchurch - BBC America
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Hulu Plus
  • Community - Hulu Plus
  • Dark Angel
  • Dead Like Me
  • The Fall
  • Firefly
  • The Following
  • Friday Night Lights
  • Fringe
  • FDTD: The Series
  • Game of Thrones - HBOGO
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Happy Endings - iTunes
  • Hart of Dixie
  • House
  • House of Lies -
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
  • The Knick - Cinemax
  • The League
  • The Leftovers - HBOGO
  • Lie to Me
  • Luther
  • The OC
  • Parks and Rec
  • Peaky Blinders
  • Penny Dreadful - Showtime
  • Prison Break
  • Pushing Daisies
  • Revenge
  • Roswell
  • Scandal
  • Silicon Valley - HBOGO
  • Six Feet Under - HBOGO
  • The Tudors
  • Veep - HBOGO
  • Veronica Mars
  • The Wire - HBOGO

Now, I don’t know what you’ve already seen, but these should all help you with your rehab and getting back to good television. ;)

BOLDED = Available on Netflix Instant
Italic = Available on Netflix DVD

The 6th Sense

  1. The Case of ESP
  2. Learning ESP
  3. Secrets of the Psychics
  4. Psychic Powers
  5. Psychic Crime Solvers
  6. The Extraordinary 
  7. The Truth of Psychic Powers
  8. Gordon Smith
  9. Animal ESP
  10. The Psychic Experience


  1. New Swirled Order
  2. Case of the UFOs
  3. UFO’S Out of the Blue
  4. UFO & Alien Disclosure
  5. I Believe in UFO’s
  6. Evidence We Are Not Alone
  7. Alien Abductions
  8. The Keepers
  9. Ancient Aliens
  10. Russian Roswell
  11. Abduction Diaries
  12. UFO Down to Earth
  13. Disney’s Alien Encounter
  14. Fly Saucers & Science
  15. Crop Circles: The Quest For Truth
  16. Phoenix Lights
  17. The UFO Enigma of Flying Spheres & Orbs
  18. UFO Disclosure in Russia
  19. UFO’s & Area 51
  20. Taken

Unexplained Mysteries

  1. The Blitz Witch
  2. The Bermuda Triangle
  3. In Search of the Man Who Would Not Die
  4. Killer Legends
  5. Hessdalen Lights
  6. The Unreal World
  7. Unexplained Supernatural
  8. Bizarre Beliefs: Cults & The Occult
  9. The Diva Mummy
  10. The Book That Can’t Be Read
  11. Beyond the Bermuda Triangle: The Devil’s Sea
  12. The Lost Caves of Giza
  13. Mystery of the Disembodied Feet
  14. The Angel Effect
  15. Mystery of the Murdered Saints
  16. Mystery of the Romanovs
  17. The Revelation of the Pyramids
  18. Atlantis: The Evidence
  19. Weird or What?
  20. Life After Life


  1. Vampire Beast of Bladenboro
  2. Yeti
  3. Search for the Mothman
  4. Chupacabra
  5. Monsters, Madness & Mayhem
  6. Monsters & Mysteries in Alaska
  7. Animal X
  8. Is It Real?
  9. Who is Bigfoot?
  10. The Legend of Sasquatch
  11. Lake Demons
  12. Sea Monsters
  13. Werewolf in America
  14. The Last Dragon
  15. Loch Ness Monster

Ghosts & Other Entities

  1. Best Ghost Cases Caught on Tape
  2. North East Ghosts
  3. The Existence of Ghosts
  4. Ghost Contact
  5. A House Divided: Ghostly Encounters
  6. Haunted Washington D.C
  7. Haunted Hawaii
  8. Poltergeists: The Unexplained
  9. Castle Ghosts of England
  10. Peru’s City of Ghosts
  11. Exorcists
  12. Poltergeists
  13. Haunted
  14. Paranormal America
  15. Sleep Paralysis & Ghost Visions
  16. Most Haunted Places in the World
  17. 14 Degrees
  18. Exorcists & Exorcisms
  19. True Ghost Stories
  20. Angels & Demons: Ghostly Encounters

Other Masterposts

  1. Masterpost of World’s Scariest Places
  2. Masterpost of True Terrifying Events
  3. Masterpost of Creepy Stories
  4. Masterpost of Gothic Novels
  5. Masterpost of Creepy Websites
  6. Masterpost of Creepy Online Games
  7. Masterpost of Creepy Sleep-Over Games
  8. Halloween Masterpost
  9. Masterpost of Horror Movies With A Twist
  10. Masterpost of Creepy T.V Shows

BIG NEWS! Before it premieres on TV, we’re gonna release the first episode of HITRECORD ON TV online early — on Monday, Jan. 6th! In anticipation, I’m pleased to present to you the very first short film of the season, “First Stars I See Tonight.”

Collaboratively made on our site,, this short film began with a text record roswellgray (United States) contributed recounting the true story of the first time she ever saw the stars when she was 16 years old. I adapted the story into a script and KatSmash (Scotland) RECorded narration. We shot the actors Elle Fanning and James Patrick Stuart in front of a green screen and a ton of visual artists on the site began to illustrate the world around them. The animator 12.42 (United Kingdom) took visual contributions and animated them all together. megancarnes (United States) composed a beautiful musical score and musicians from all over the world played along.

HITRECORD ON TV is a half-hour variety show with short films, live performances, music, cartoons, and of course, MORE! It’s gonna be on a new cable channel called Pivot and I think you guys are reeeally gonna like it. I can’t wait for you all to check out the first episode, “RE: The Number One,” when we release it extra early on Monday, Jan. 6th!

Thanks again <3

Mas quando é amor, é outra história. Perdoa uma vez, duas, três. Faz um esforcinho para perdoar a quarta e a quinta. Na sexta vez você fecha os olhos e finge que não te magoou. Na sétima vez você pede baixinho para conseguir ir embora pela porta dos fundos de mansinho, só para que ele não tenha tempo de perceber e pedir mais uma oitava chance, porque você sabe que daria mais, mais, mais, mais e mais.
—  Os porquês de Amélia Roswell.
Olhei para ela e senti vontade de sorrir. Foi estranho, eu estava triste e foi como se todo o meu cansaço sumisse. Depois ela foi embora e bem, o resto não importa. Ela foi embora e eu voltei a ser o mesmo infeliz de sempre.
—  Os porquês de Amélia Roswell.
Um dia você vai conhecer alguém diferente. Que vai te olhar diferente. Que vai te abraçar diferente. E você vai se sentir especial. Vai começar a sorrir. Vai parar na frente do espelho e pensar em como é um puta cara sortudo. Só não se esqueça de demonstrar de vez em sempre, com gestos, o quanto está feliz. As pessoas precisam disso.
—  Os porquês de Amélia Roswell.