You watched too much The X-Files, if:

1. You have never been in Washington, but know perfectly how looks the Hoover Building.

2. After each bright flash of light, you are counted 9 minutes.

3. You always keep in the trunk of your car spray paint to paint a cross on the asphalt in a strange place.

4. You are afraid and hate bees.

5. Seeing a cockroach, you are thinking, whether he has normal genitals.

6. When you have questions for which no answer, you stick on the window cross from adhesive tape.

7. You not a bit surprised that in the pocket of your cloak placed: the gun, big bright flashlight, cell phone and ID.

8. You know that any incomprehensible piece of metal  useful to attach to the scanner at the supermarket.

9. Inside you everything stops when you hear the name: Oregon, Nevada, Lake Okobogee, New Mexico, Mount Skaylаnd, Roswell, Martha’s Vineyard, Alexandria, Maryland ….

10. The best password for anything is TrustNo1.

11. If I could choose, I would go to work at the FBI, I know of nearly all there.

12. If someone turns his back to me, I look at the base of his neck, is there a chip?

13. When one patner persuades the other partner to stay and work with him, he usually kisses him in the hallway.

14. If you saw in the forest green midges - this is the end!

15. The Indians of the Navajo tribe is the wizards of our time.

16. If you loved a man for 7 years, that first kiss with him is relevant only after the birth of your first child.

17. Moby Dick is  a book of all times and peoples.


Jealous Hater's Book Club: Apolonia, chapter two

Jealous Hater’s Book Club: Apolonia, chapter two

A blogger contacted me about the possibility that Apolonia could be a Roswell fanfic (the blogger who contacted me is not affiliated with the link). Having never watched Roswellmyself, I wouldn’t know. I’m also not familiar enough with McGuire’s background to know whether or not she has published fanfic in the past, though I have heard that allegation leveled at her before. I haven’t seen any…

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" s t r a i g h t   f r o m   c o u r t "

i l l i e n   r o s e w e l l ,   i n t a l e k  

&   j e r e d   s a n d e r s 


BIG NEWS! Before it premieres on TV, we’re gonna release the first episode of HITRECORD ON TV online early — on Monday, Jan. 6th! In anticipation, I’m pleased to present to you the very first short film of the season, “First Stars I See Tonight.”

Collaboratively made on our site,, this short film began with a text record roswellgray (United States) contributed recounting the true story of the first time she ever saw the stars when she was 16 years old. I adapted the story into a script and KatSmash (Scotland) RECorded narration. We shot the actors Elle Fanning and James Patrick Stuart in front of a green screen and a ton of visual artists on the site began to illustrate the world around them. The animator 12.42 (United Kingdom) took visual contributions and animated them all together. megancarnes (United States) composed a beautiful musical score and musicians from all over the world played along.

HITRECORD ON TV is a half-hour variety show with short films, live performances, music, cartoons, and of course, MORE! It’s gonna be on a new cable channel called Pivot and I think you guys are reeeally gonna like it. I can’t wait for you all to check out the first episode, “RE: The Number One,” when we release it extra early on Monday, Jan. 6th!

Thanks again <3

- Você é um cara legal. Não sei se quero começar uma amizade.
- Do que tem medo?
- Já conheci outros caras legais antes, e todos eles partiram o meu coração.
—  Os porquês de Amélia Roswell.