Hey guess what I just got?
I got a box. 
But not just any old box.
I got a P.O. Box!

If you have any stuff you would like to send me, please mail it to:

Adam Rosner 
P.O. Box 101564
Cape Coral, FL 33910

I look forward to whatever you guys decide to send me. All I’m asking is for people to be considerate. I am just a regular guy, letters and drawings would be nice, maybe something handmade. Nothing troublesome please. Sending food is a bad idea. I won’t eat it.

What the Slenderverse has Taught Me:

If your friend wants to burn some old tapes, let him and gtfo

If a cult is involved, try not to fuck their shit up and gtfo

If you hear some weird fucked up shit in the walls of your house pack your bags and gtfo

Never start a YouTube channel, with your friends, about staying healthy and gtfo

Gtfo in general