To be honest, i don’t know if this Lou and El’s photo on japan is photoshoped or not in reality. It’s just my opinion - because somehow (to me) the photo looks unnatural on some part. It’s still cute though. yeaaa….actually i kind of like Elleanor -specially her face haha. She has pretty eyes. I just don’t believe her relationship with Lou is real.

It’s just fancomic anyway. please don’t take it too seriously hahah. This is what i imagine about their relationship off of camera. El could be very cute sibling with Lou and a cute grumpy sister-in-law with harry ;)

i think i’ll make more larry art later. There’s soooo many good fanfic that make me want to draw . well then, see you later! :D xx


"even as young as you are "


first kid, based on this amazing fic and this. it’s a boy anyway (take his dad’s curly and his papa’s blue eyes… - really i still can’t get over the fic.) ‘m using skaikat’s way to color this on SAI anyway, i hope i’m not losing my touch there xD