Ship Name Update:

roseychu1! (Augnie)
aerial312Anything but #1. I like A squared, but tag it annie x auggie.
marcialitmanI like Augnie or A Squared
annastmI’m ok with Augnie..I like A-squared too :) We can also invent something with their last names like Walderson or anker LOL
magicallyobsessedi like a squared
lizrectorBut Walkerson sounds so much catchier ;)
lovetoloveher80: Is there ever a time when Chris isn’t following Twitter? I like A-squared, or I saw Walkerson on, and like that.

And VIA Twitter:

@HackyHollandI like A-Squared
@Mental_ImageMy suggestion for Annie slash August ‘ship name is Ang’st. 
@AshTordiffeHa! I approve! #Angst ;)
@Darediva: I think we have a winner! (Re: Ang’st/Angst)
@SammyJo16A-squared is what I’ve seen mostly. :)
@AndiMerluzzoI like A2 too.
@zewy: I don’t like ship names. A2 would prob be best. 
@BrailleErin: Trying to come up w s’thing. A/A is my best.

See why there’s no consensus yet? This is pretty split still AND I’ve gotten even more options. (Walkerson and Ang’st)

Current Tally: 

  1. Augnie: 5
  2. A-squared/A2: 10
  3. Walkerson: 3
  4. Ang’st: 3

Leave an answer below if you would like to contribute another vote or have any other suggestions.


roseychu replied to your post: oh and I’ve lost 10 followers so far ugh man…

but also unfollowing is a freedom of speech in a way…ah so confusing. lol but i love you either way, you’re always entitled to what you believe in and if you believed in everything i believed it, well then what kind of world would this be?

oh no i agree unfollowing is!

I just mean the whole getting attacked thing is really just ugh

but thanks for loving me i love you too!!

Bias list and etc

I’m just doing this for my own reference xD

Changes in bold.


  • Daesung OR TOP but mainly Daesung
  1. Daesung
  2. TOP
  3. Seungri
  4. GDragon
  5. Taeyang


  • Cheondung
  1. Cheondung
  2. Seungho
  3. Mir
  4. GO
  5. Lee Joon

(Really hard because I really love them all.)


  • Minho, with Onew as a close second
  1. Minho
  2. Onew
  3. Jonghyun
  4. Key
  5. Taemin


  • Bom, though I love Dara too
  1. Bom
  2. Dara
  3. Minzy
  4. CL


  • Jungshin
  1. Jungshin
  2. Yonghwa ↑
  3. Minhyuk ↓
  4. Jonghyun ↓


  1. Zelo


  • I’m not sure yet. xD


  • Hyoyeon
  1. Hyoyeon
  2. Yoona
  3. Seohyun ↑
  4. Taeyeon ↓
  5. Sunny ↓
  6. Tiffany ↓
  7. Jessica ↓
  8. Sooyoung ↓
  9. Yuri ↓

Epik High

  • Tablo
  1. Tablo
  2. DJ Tukutz
  3. Mithra Jin

Wonder Girls

  • Sohee


  • Nicole

Super Junior

  • Eunhyuk