I found the list of prompts I’m gonna use for femslash february!

1. Lively
2. Remorseful
3. Dismiss
4. Heavy
5. Forward
6. Prowl
7. Cut
8. Compromise
9. Impulse
10. Hush
11. Morals
12. Engage
13. Voice
14. Awkward
15. Lower
16. Plead
17. Caring
18. Believe
19. Found
20. Shield
21. Open
22. Tactile
23. Journey
24. Scowl
25. Hero
26. Writer’s Choice
27. Writer’s Choice
28. Writer’s Choice

Fandom: Homestuck
Ship: Rose/Vriska/Kanaya

You guys should totally join me uwu

thatimightseefurther im super sorry my askbox isn’t working for you but here you go!! im doing rosekanvrisk B))

  • who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave
vriska persuaded kanaya into doing it because “it’ll be fun!!” and kanaya believed her and rose comes home to yellow shit all over the microwave and kanaya’s swatting vriska on the but with a broom and vriska’s spraying windex everywhere and wow rose still cant believe that this is real
  • who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit
rose. is this even a question. 
  • who breaks the most phones
  • which one I could see as being lactose intollerant
vriska. again. this isn’t even a question lmao
  • who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t
rose thinks that she can leave vriska and kanaya unattended to for more than 10 minutes
  • who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed
rose lmao she stays up so late reading weird articles on wikipedia and even starts narrating them just to fuck with kanaya and vriska vriska can’t count on her fingers and toes how many times she’s woken up to rose purring “Bryozoa, moss animals, are tiny creatures with tentacles around their mouths. The tentacles are almost cylindrical…" 
  • who uses the computer most
rose because she likes to leave weird things in the history to fuck w/ the others lmao  "vriska were you the one looking up ‘does maple syrup count as lube’?” “uh. no??” “i didnt think so”  

anonymous asked:

can we just declare that rosevriskan is probably canon at this point and with the implied scourge sisters rosevristerkan is canon so ot4 5 lyfe is now canon

I love everything right now

anonymous asked:

you got me into rosevriskan and rosevristerkan ur awesome to think that at one point i only shipped rosemary and scourge sisters as non poly ships, honestly poly ships make everything better

Success I luv rosevriskan