Rose QuartzA heart opening mantra for use with rose quartz: “Am I willing to receive this beauty, this harmony, this illumination? I open, in receptivity.” • Don’t limit yourself to holding rose quartz in your hands. place the stone directly onto your heart, allow the rhythm of your heartbeat to be penetrated by the vibrations of the rose quartz.


Burn pearl “Pearl is thirsty #thirstyforpoopydik #rosequartz #pearl #stevenuniverse #madcuzyasingle”

Doing pre-orders for 1 inch acrylic double sided charms for Fanime! So please reblog! I need all the help I can get! ;___;  I’m getting these made through so you can see the quality! I love the sample I have! Its really crisp and clean <3 These will come with a lobster clasp phone strap AND a dust plug! Order here: (hearts won’t be in the final product)