Mainworld Impressions: Blackguard Bay Flagship Creative Contest

The flagship of Blackguard Bay has seen much and endured may trials in its duty, which is why the pirate communitys mayor Banesidhe declared it high time to exchange the towns ride for a newer model. However, since pirates usually let others do their dirty work staff likes to further creativity, the bb creative contest is what we got. While writing this, the one month deadline has almost passed, which means it’s time to show some of the entries. I’ve included the coordinates in Creative, so please have a look for yourself.

First two pictures: wynterwillow/Anna Falaxis (-1050;-300) <- secretive craken 
Third and fourth picture: plarby (-1100; 750)
Fifth: ferg5000 (-6000; -3300) <- with underwater stuff
Sixth: tacky998s flotilla (-600; 100)
Seventh: turndowntheac (-500; 700) <- crazy cluttered, definately worth a look
Last three: Rosenfel (-200; 1500)

Last i checked there were 12 entries, the winner out of which will have their ship featured at /warp ship and receives worthwile loot (as described here: 

(Just again as a reminder: These screenshots are taken with the LIFE and the CGO resource packs, a little optifine tweaks and SEUS shaders; not with the server resource pack)