I’ve been watching all these beautiful korrasami posts on my dash all through this last book, and I had said to myself that if it turned out to be canon then I would go and actually watch LoK.  And here we are, and I’m realizing that I’m reacting to some of these posts the way I did to rosemary before I started reading Homestuck?  Sort of like “hmm this is interesting…and they look so perfect together…but I don’t know them…so I dunno how to feel yet?”  So…uh…this could be a bit of an adventure… o.O


Holy shit its been almost…what…two months since i updated Swingstuck? 
Well, here: have some RoseMary! 

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something i haven’t often seen addressed by the homestuck community is kanaya’s problem with blood being acknowledged as a problem. canonically, it’s not something fun. it’s not an upgrade,

it’s not a boon,

it’s not a dream come true.

she wasn’t even aware, at first, that she had turned. 

she wasn’t conscious when she first started taking blood (though even as a mindless, thirsty monster, she was still kanaya enough to put bandages on the people she registered as alive (which is so cute)).

she even denied the coffee dave offered,

which implies both that she knew what was in it and that she might have had a pretty firm (albeit grumpy) handle on herself. she could even half-heartedly joke about it.

it’s even in the homestuck tarot cards: kanaya is the character on of the Queen of Cups.

Reversed, it may indicate emotional manipulation or turmoil. The Queen of Cups in the subject’s life may be experiencing a period of emotional unrest or even substance abuse.

but this was before rose screwed up, and she started to give more attention to her and less to herself.

everyone focuses on rose’s alcoholism, which is… fair, i guess, because it’s more relatable for us as humans, and it is in its own right extremely harmful. but the clues for kanaya’s addiction are everywhere, something hussie pretty much shoved in our faces during her interaction with jane:

but the readers, just like everyone on the meteor, completely miss them.

see, it’s not just that rose failed to lead, failed to help rebuild another race, failed to keep control of herself and of an abusive relationship, and honestly failed to be of any use at all. she failed to be there for her girlfriend when she was struggling, too.

something else i haven’t often seen addressed is kanaya’s innate ability to tell when she’s in a dream bubble.

so how about that reunion?


Dd: Kanaya goes to like a ball like, staff ball and shes a senior researcher or something, and Rose like flattered some creepy teacher enough so she could be there and kanaya could see her and be like “fuck”
Dd: Kanaya drinks all the sparkling wine
Stephanie: gets a little tipsy and agrees to dance with rose and gets a little handsy
Stephanie: wakes up like that was SO INAPPROPRIATE SHES BASICALLY 15 
Stephanie: rose is like, im 22 
Stephanie: BASICALLY 15!!
Stephanie: kanaya’s like 30 or something
Dd: and she hates her self for jerking off to an undergrad or whtever
Dd: "I am going to hell"
Dd: tells karkat all about it, “i am going to be arrested and sent to jail karkat” and hes like “wait wasnt she like 22” and Kanny is like “that is not the point”
Stephanie: karkat is like, do you know how jail works
Dd: "Kanaya, that is not even the law, stop"
Dd: "terezi tell kanaya that it is not the law"
Dd: and tezz is like “it is so the law you are going to jail also send pics”

theres this new au where rose studies abroad and seduces a beautiful older woman. its all about shipping and at one point kanaya gets on a plane and flies to italy just to punch dave in the face.