So Patron ships are in Mallstuck

All of them, except Gamjane, I apologize to those of you who ship it.

So John once pranked Karkat by giving him what he said was normal poutine only to have it be breakfast poutine. Breakfast poutine has home fries instead of normal fries, hollandaise sauce instead of gravy, and mozzarella cheese instead of cheese curds. Vriska then allowed John to hide in one her book fort after kicking out Meenah to make room.

Kanaya once attended one of Rose’s knitting classes and knit her a jade scarf to ask her out, Rose said to wait a few days and so Kanaya started to lose hope. Then Rose gave her a lavender scarf to say yes. Their scarves are now single-handedly the most important scarves in the mall.

Dave showed Terezi How to train your dragon, and she loved it so much that she and Dave dressed up as Hiccup and Astrid for Halloween. The kids at the mall had a field day with them. And afterwards they took a road trip to Canada’s Wonderland where they rode the new roller-coaster so that Terezi could feel like she was on a real dragon.

Jade and Karkat enjoy arguing, and they have no idea why but it confuses customers. Jade and Karkat will throw insults at each other until her drink is ready and then suddenly they’re best friends. They enjoy seeing the look on the customers faces when they’re suddenly okay. Jade makes a habit to friendzone Karkat on purpose just to irritate him and he knows it.

I’ll come up with more of these later.

bundle of herbs and a feather and, barely visible on the right, a little cabbage butterfly for taryn, who is just the nicest and most fun to hang out with while tattooing! thanks so much, lady!