Ok so when Rumminov opened commissions I was ALL OVER that shit, man.

So she drew this for me and oh my God, I wanted to cry it’s just so perfect!!

So THANK YOU HEATHER I LOVE IT! I’m gonna cry. :’)

I can’t wait for my rp partner to get on and see I commissioned it for us both.


AU where Dave is affectionately stalked by crows everywhere he goes. He has no idea why. There’s just, always crows around him, and kids start to be scared of him and call him the crow guy and think he’s all mysterious and creepy but no he’s just an awkward teenager followed everywhere by fucking crows and he never asked for any of this

Rose is greatly amused.


You could say Strider and I have always been fairly close. I don’t think we ever needed the ectobiological verification that we’re like brother and sister.
We have certainly taken to our familial roles since being brought together.

We’re known to tease one another,


To pester,


and get even.


But even so, for me
Dave remains in my eyes as so much more than just a brother.





We’re a team.

the world spins madly on

a beta kids mix 
they wait for he who would extinguish candles whilst fanning a fire 
they wait for she who would thaw solid flesh and resolve it into a dew 
they wait for she who would breed lilacs out of the dead land 
they wait for he who would drop it like it’s hot whilst the pimp’s in the crib 
cover art by flowercrownprincess on tumblr.


tracklisting :

we are beautiful, we are doomed - los campesinos! // us - regina spektor // six feet under the stars - all time low // arms tonight - mother mother // walking disasters - the wombats // acadia - marianas trench // i’ll be yours - those dancing days // one time too many - pheonix // we looked like giants - death cab for cutie // old school - hedley // at least i’m not as sad (as i used to be) - fun. // the suburbs - arcade fire // the start of something - voxtrot // move along - the all-american rejects // tongue tied - grouplove // we’re going to be friends - the white stripes // anna sun - walk the moon // someday - the strokes // from finner - of monsters and men // world spins madly on - the weepies

Anonymous asked:

what about some rose/dave if that is cool with you :33

holy craP I am so sorry that this is terrible but you requested this back in like. november so I really needed to get it done and this is seriously the best I could do :(

they are staring out a window at sundown while rose interrogates dave on the state of his psyche if that is a real phrase idk


I made the cover art for the most fantastic pair of FSTs you’ve ever heard, about the most fantastic pair of characters you’ve ever heard the accounts of. They are both arranged by vriskous8itches and I’m not playing when I say these are masterwork quality playlists.

You can listen to the A Side, We Will Rise Like Before, right HERE. The B Side, Together We Will Give Ourselves to the Fire, is HERE.

If you enjoy them (you will) you should like and reblog vriskous8itches’ original post which is right here. It has all of the liner notes (really good) and additional links (also good).