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                Adore To See Your Eyes Fly by 1001cranes

"I’d do anything for you," Derek admits, torn out of him, the deepest and most obvious of secrets, and Stiles makes an unnaturally high-pitched noise against Derek’s neck. "I love you," Derek says. So much more than Stiles is ever going to know."

"So it’s broken," says Stiles holding out his cellphone.

Derek knows Stiles Stilinski far too intimately in these respects. First name basis. Derek hates people talking to him. And he knows the irony. He works at a WIND kiosk. Laura mocks his pain a lot. But not too much. He got her the new iPhone. It’s the only perk. People keep talking to him. And by people, he means Stiles Stilinski. And yes, that’s the name on record. Derek checked. Twice.

"This is the third time this month," says Derek and his eyebrows do that thing where the climb up his forehead. He really can’t control that. He’s spent long night monopolizing the bathroom mirror trying. He stopped when Laura started picking the lock and posting the pictures on facebook.

And Stiles flushes, the pink hue creeps down his neck and it distracts Derek because Stiles looks embarrassed and twitchy.

"It’s still under warranty, right? Because Abercrombie and Fitch are only hiring Jackson-wannabes and I don’t look like a six-pack on ‘roids," Stiles says gesturing to his chest, a motion that has Derek’s eyes flickering to follow unconsciously. His eyes linger far too long on the lean frame of the guy in front of him. Luckily Stiles doesn’t notice. "Plus, working with Jackson. Urgh. No thank you. So I’m kind of stuck with a limited income. I’m already pulling triple shifts at Starbucks. Unless I can pay you with coffee? Barista discount?"

Derek blinks at Stiles, because he was only half-listening. Somehow distracted by Stiles’ hands splayed dramatically on the glass counter top of the kiosk, his pinkened face flushed with energy and his lips chapped from worrying them when Derek took the time to examine the phone.

"Yeah," Derek says and mentally kicks himself for agreeing. Stiles’ eyes light up.

"Dude, you won’t regret it. This is amazing," he says, gleeful and lunges across the counter for an awkward hug that has Derek even more bewildered as he gets a lungful of wintergreen mint and burnt coffee and something purely Stiles. The hug is over before he realizes it and Stiles is grinning at him.

Derek hates people. But somehow, Stiles is becoming an exception.


Teen Wolf fusion with Chicago (the musical, not the city): Cell Block Tango

Based on this exchange between roseandthebeast, giganticism, and mdecarabas.

The quote’s my own (inasmuch as anything in fandom can be my own) but I plan to do sets for the ones these lovely ladies wrote up too (with credit, obviously), especially as “they ran into my arrows ten times” and “some guys just can’t hold their mountain ash” are so deliciously perfect. *ahem*

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and *Stiles* would be weird about it. Stiles is *terrible* at being nonchalant and pretending things are normal.


Stiles knew it would be kind of freaky, but he didn’t think it would be this freaky, having Peter Hale in his bedroom. It’s not even the first handful of times that Peter’s been here, but it’s the first time they’ve been alone and Peter seems keen on taking stock of his surroundings. He keeps looking at things — maybe to keep from looking at Stiles, but Stiles doesn’t want to hazard that guess.

"You can go ahead and sleep. I don’t mind," Peter says.

"Maybe if you sat down," Stiles suggests.

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roseandthebeast answered your question: I think I am the only one excited about the Season 3 spoilers?

if it’s the list I just posted, I’m just having like. an initial facepalm for some of the POC and female stuff. I DON’T KNOW. WE’LL SEE.

NO I GET YOU, I think I just want to see it play out first before I get worried? I am not ready to slip back into Supernatural ‘UGH WHAT ARE THEY DOING’ feelings.  I’ve been so happy in Teen Wolf land. ;~;


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YESSSSSSS SECRET BABIES. don’t forget the belly touching ro IT IS IMPORTANT.

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I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you


"you’re a smart boy," peter says leaning in behind stiles. 

his hand comes around stiles’ front, petting across his chest and across nipples that are sensitive enough to hurt now. and stiles leaning back into peter with his breath quickening, his lashes dipping as the need to be covered in a wolf’s scent overwhelms him.

"you’re smart, so i’m sure you can guess," peter says and his hand sweeps down over stiles’ belly, where it’s only just begun to pooch out. "you were very busy while you were gone, weren’t you?"

stiles’ breath catches wholly. he doesn’t dare breathe.

"yes, very busy," peter says. "after all, even with a little help from me, it would’ve taken considerable effort to get you in this state. the two of you must have nearly devoured each other."

"and there had to have been a part of you that longed terribly," peter says and stiles can hear the smile stretching out his mouth as he finishes: "for family.”

stiles swallows around a thick tongue. he can still taste the blood in his mouth and god, he is still hungry but peter’s teasing whispers have torn away his appetite. he covers peter’s hand across his belly. his fingers clench hard between peter’s, but peter’s touch remains gentle — thumb sweeping back and forth just above stiles’ navel.

stiles licks his lips. “that— it can’t—”

peter’s mouth presses into his hair. “would you like me to say the words for you?” stiles shudders and peter takes that as a yes. “you’re with child,” he says. “with whatever wolf you laid with, so i hope you chose well.”


and the whole thing becomes that peter becomes a surrogate father, in a way, because neither stiles nor peter could know if max is still alive — and if he is, whether he would want a time travelling mind fuck of a baby. but peter knows that max would’ve been powerful — had to be if he was going to keep stiles, especially with the pheromones that stiles had been putting off — but the point is that it’s going to be a born wolf that results from this, not a bitten one. the child of an alpha and a witch and therefore something peter wants to keep.

and sometimes, stiles finds that peter reminds him of max — dark and handsome and greedy. the possessive way peter touches him, the near obsessive manner in which peter predicts his needs so that stiles has no reason to turn to someone else for help. 

stiles doesn’t mean to compare them, but he can’t help it. he needs peter — in a different way than he needed max — because most of the pack doesn’t understand why stiles is even willing to go along with this, or how stiles is even getting past the idea of the whole thing (oh god oh god, he’s a *guy* and now he’s *pregnant*, what even).

but derek is more than happy to let the whole thing carry on because it keeps peter occupied with stiles, keeps peter from cooking up whatever back-stabby plans he’s got in mind while derek is busy preparing for the alpha pack.

and then the alpha pack shows up and max is with them and he and stiles recognize each other on sight and peter is there and stiles is like WEEKS away from actual motherhood here.

DRAMA! *confetti*

roseandthebeast replied to your post: ‘damon is frequently the worst’ should be the tagline of the show. though it also makes me wonder if this isn’t where your ‘Derek should just BE TOTALLY AWFUL’ feelings come from. He could be our werewolf Damon!

That was definitely Jackson’s appeal; a hot asshole screaming ‘accept/worship me, (figurative) warts and all’. He gave NO FUCKS. Derek, on the other hand, is flirting with evil rebellion? like an internship. and terrible at it.

Now I just want the story where Derek had taken an evil internship with Klaus while in NY, and then Klaus is real unsure of Derek’s potential as a supreme ruler. But then Derek has to leave early because his sister’s disappeared, and then Klaus has some doppleganger business to take care of in Virginia anyways, and so now Derek is only 40% good at evil because he never finished his internship. 

roseandthebeast replied to your post: Really amused at the people reblogging that Star…

*reading current comments* really, people, REALLY.

Yeah I just-

Like I get that those people feel comfortable with him insulting Sherlock fandom LIKE HE DOES so they don’t care. But lumping all the Trekkies together and comparing them to kids stuffing their face with candy and being condescending about it….

Like….really.  There is honesty then there is being a dick.  

the1001cranes asked:

So... it's supposed to be mythbusters, but you're going to ignore a whole chunk of canon? (Scott's abusive dad, how Kate seduced Derek, what Derek was like before the fire, to start). I'm enjoying some of these posts and I think they're really helpful, but how can you "bust myths" if you're going to pretend this information doesn't exist :| if you're so PO'd about it - you mark speculation, why not information from the books?

The bookS? Now there’s more than one?

Lemme just quote another message we got that will be posted shortly: 

Jeff said that Nancy Holder had “free reign” on them, even though they talked first. So she has some insight, but we don’t know what she garnered from her conversations with Jeff and what she created on her own.

The book was written by someone who has nothing whatsoever to do with the actual series. I have no idea who Nancy is and the only info I got is that she is famous for writing tie-in books based on shows (mainly for Buffy TVS).


Yes. Yes we are going to ignore this book that was written by someone who is not even one of the writers of the show itself, because as Jeff said (and I am sure you guys can find the link to the quote somewhere because I really do not feel like searching for it), she had free reign. So basically? The book is glorified fanfiction. 

Let me say it again, then, just to be clear: we will only be focusing on the show itself. The 24 episodes that aired so far (we are not yet clear on the webisodes) and that is it. If you don’t like that, then you’re welcome to unfollow and ignore us, we are not forcing this on you.

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yesssss yes good.