Back in Rosario

"What do you want me to tell you? I already said everything", Leo says when he’s asked about the absorbed feelings, days away from the World Cup Final we lost against Germany last Sunday. And he laughs, cheeky, just as he is inside the pitch. He looks at the rival first, this journalist, he checks her out from top to bottom, he doesn’t trust her, and when she presses a little bit he just answers once again, "That’s it! There’s nothing else to say". “But this is your town Leo, could you say anything for the people who supported you here?”. It doesn’t work. He doesn’t dribble because he’s carrying his suitcase. Either way, he doesn’t need to. He looks ahead and goes out fast, the field is open for him, all of it. Even his wife Antonella Roccuzzo is left behind. But it doesn’t matter because those few bystanders in the airport are desperate to reach him, until he climbs into a black SUV at the parking lot. "Thanks crack!", says lovingly one of the few people who got a picture in the end.


You won’t believe what I found in my town’s exhibition for Batman’s 75th anniversary.

Yes! Young justice action figures! I couldn’t believe my eyes

EDIT: Wait, there’s more! Stupid phone didn’t let me add the other one. Robin in his stealth suit. I think… or just badly painted? and because they didn’t have a Zee one, I took a pic of the animated series collection <3

Alan, in the memorable photo with Leo Messi. (Photo: Arroyo News)

Last Friday Messi stopped to refuel his truck in General Lagos. The Barcelona star took pictures and signed autographs for all who came.

Here approached Alan, a boy who sells fried pies, and took a photo with the Argentine idol. The boy, who operated heart felt touch the sky with his hands to be with Messi.