Yay! The shirt has arrived!! I’m so happy to announce that the MOM shirt is now available on my society6 page. This image has gently printed on the American Apparel short sleeve shirt. Also purchasing order is available on my society6 page!

Feel free to visit http://society6.com/rosaful/MOM-rxN_T-shirt#11=50&4=88 to more detail of the shirt and my prints :)


Rosaful Garden’s New Summer print “Sweet of Life” 

Do you need full of happiness for you or in your place? Then this print is for you! Rosaful Garden’s new print “Sweet of Life” will make your life feel  sweeter and bring a full of happiness in your place. This pinkish sunset-like pop floral print was gently printed by hand on oat stonehenge cold press paper with water based block printing ink.

Don’t miss out this limited-edition print by Rosaful Garden!

Now this exclusive print is available on Rosaful Garden Shop


Rosa’s Bike

I’ve been riding a bike since when I was a kid. 

This image on the card is cut from linoleum and printed on 80lb card stock paper with water based block printing inks.

Since each card printed by hand, you will see small differences between each cards. 
Includes one folded card with an envelope.


Rosaful Garden is pleased to announce “Present”, a first pop-up show of linoleum-cut prints and paper goods by Rosa Chang, owner of Rosaful Garden. This pop-up show title is derived from Rosa’s recent linoleum-cut prints and artworks, inspired by her daily life, love, friendship, and her own world in New York.

Sept. 6. Fri. 2013

Ludlow st. Lower East Side, NY @ Con Artist

Close to J, M, Z, F subway station at Delancy Essex
Reception Starts at 6:30 - Midnight


Fun project for Mother’s Day and Birthday! / After the custom orders

I’m so excited to announcing that custom order is available at Rosaful Garden :) Good friends of mine requested me to make custom based products and those are results :) One of my co-worker ( a best barista in the New York City ever!) Nikki asked me those two customized “For You” series cards. As she asked to, I put some sparkles and modified colors for her Mother’s Day card. My old school friend Bora asked me to put a message “Happy Birthday Ross!” stamp on the “Rosa’s Bike” sunset card. I’m hoping that Ross, her boyfriend, will be happy for the card. Happy Birthday, Ross!

Those two of Rosaful Garden’s Illustrated poem prints are now available on Hatch.co for Valentines Day Special!

Get a famous Love Letter personalized for your special someone. Order $30 prints by February 5, $25 digital copies by February 9.

Illustrated by Hatch artist - include Rosaful Garden! - and curated by Brain pickings Maria Popova.

If you want a something unique gift, please visit Hatch co page to see more various poem selection.——>CLICK TO VISIT HATCH.CO

Selected poems are originally written by Oscar Wilde, Allen Ginsberg, Frida kahlo, John steinbeck, Simone de Beauvoir, Rainer maria rilke,  Margaret mead.