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Hello, What do you guys think about the recent large migration of Portuguese people to Angola? To me it looks like they are taking jobs and money away from Angolan citizens but idk. (Sorry I know nobody here is from Angola)

Hi, I feel that the migration of foreigners is needed to keep up with the change that is going on in Angola right now and the demand of workforce that is competent, at the same time a lot of Angolans that live in the diaspora are returning back to Angola. Unfortunately a lot of Angolas population dont have the needed knowledge to work in some areas, I think that this problem with foreigners taking jobs is important for the leaders and politicians in Angola because it shows that Angola is lacking the required human resource to supply the demand of competent workforce that is needed in some areas and therefore they need to invest and support education and especially higher education, which they are doing now. A lot of things is happening in Angola, and for a country that ended their civil war in 2002 great things has happend and more is to come and I definitely think that to establish a sustainable future for Angola I think that more focus should be on the well being of angolans and their future in the long-term.

-sorry for my english - Rosa


The Dinka corset, traditionally called the Manlual, is worn by men to indicate their wealth in the community (usually calculated by the size of their herd). The female version of the corset is called the Alual is a necklace.

The corsets are made of colourful beautiful beads and are sewn around a young Dinka boy at a very early age. He never takes it off. As he grows older and richer, more beads are woven at the back while he’s still wearing it. The richer he is, the higher the back of the corset. The Manlual can be taken off after marriage though, so the man could wear it for about 20 years before he ever takes off his corset. The female equivalent, the Alual, is made up of tiny glass beads with cowries woven in to increase fertility. The Alual also is an indication of the wealth of the woman’s family – the fuller it is, the richer she is. Like the men, she wears the corset from when she is a little girl till her wedding, never taking it off.

- Rosa

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