Requested: Finn and the other Glee club boys talking about kidnapping Puck. 

( Hope this is okay. The whole scene where he talks about his dad were unfortunately too long :( )

Things Glee Remembered This Episode (City of Angels Edition)
  • Rory!
  • Glee needs 12 members to compete (duh Glee)
  • That there apparently must be a straight alpha male leader (so not happy about that being such a shoved highlight)
  • Burt and Carole!!!!!
  • Finn was one of a kind (but so was Kurt so f*ck you Glee)
  • Ryder and Marley (w/e the f*ck their ship name is) was a thing
  • Warbler traditions!
  • Marley and the sectionals flop.
  • Kurt and fashion(via Burt tying a bowtie)
  • Burt advice is best advice.
  • BURT AND CAROLE!!! (so excited)
  • Oh yea, Jake and Ryder were fighting weren’t they.
  • Random people always show up at major performances
  • Samcedes (hahah she dumped him twice)
  • The Finn and Rachel 12th place incident.
  • Roz

Things Glee Forgot

  • Cooper
  • Cooper
  • Cooper
  • Oh yea, and F*cking Cooper Anderson who lives in LA