Renew Energy's predictions for 2015

Renew Energy’s predictions for 2015

Reblogged from the year Australia’s energy market changes forever.

One: Battery prices will start their freefall sometime this year. Well, yes. That seems pretty obvious. Private show offs and Universities have bypassed business as usual to developand release battery technology. Every one needs them now. Even the most dyed in the tar sands fossil fuel investor can see the potential for growth in…

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Anz bank rort.

I just had a run in with the ANZ bank. I have a credit card which I make payments of $100/week. My statement period ends on the 17 of the month and the minimum payment of $165 is due on the 3rd of the following month. That’s about a fortnight. I got charged a late payment fee because my payments did not add up to the minimum amount due. If I make a payment BEFORE the 17th this doesn’t count towards the minimum payment. The minimum amount has to be paid between the 17th and the 3rd. Even though I pay about $400/month. What. A. Rort. Now that I am aware I will not be paying any amount off before the 17th, and keep it in my bank and get interest. Thank you ANZ.

Origin Energy strikes again

Origin Energy strikes again

We interrupt our normal programming to bring you an update.

There are problems with the privatised utilities system in Australia. You may have noticed.

I’ve been having trouble with mine forever. I thought that keeping my head down and paying the bills on time would resolve most of it. It may have made things worse.

I left Origin Energya couple of years ago because being a customer of theirs is…

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Do you recall our story from last November on a rort taking thousands of dollars from excited school students planning their end of year formals?

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The NSW Department of Fair Trading started an investigation around the same time and is now taking court action against the sole director of the company.

"Amrita Kerr, the director of Your Formal Australia Pty Ltd, will face Parramatta Local Court on May 4 after she allegedly failed to respond to a request for information from the government’s consumer watchdog."

Here’s hoping the hundreds of school students affected might see some kind of refund.

rorts asked:

Laundry tree? are you serious?!



And yeah, it’s called a fucking laundry tree, have you never heard it called that before?

OUR PLATFORM - Socialist Alliance New South Wales

Electoral reform

There is a deep-seated and systemically corrupt culture of money politics in NSW that has to end. It is not confined to a few ‘bad apples’.

We need to reclaim democracy for the common good. We stand for real participatory democracy and decision-making.

  • Replace the present voting system with proportional representation at all levels of government.
  • Abolish restrictive and onerous electoral laws that privilege the major parties.
  • Abolish the current electoral funding model, which entrenches the status quo and benefits the major parties and the billionaires.
  • Introduce publicly-funded election campaigns, with a fixed amount decided before each election.
  • Oblige the NSW electoral commission to publicly distribute the platforms of all parties and candidates, and to hold community information stalls to explain the voting system.
  • Allow voters to recall elected representatives from all levels of government if 10% or more electors petition for a recall election.
  • To end careerism and rorting, all elected representatives be paid an average worker’s wage, and receive an average worker’s retirement pension.

Restrictions on political donations can be easily circumvented by the rich. We oppose all restrictions on trade union donations as long as they are democratically agreed to by the members of those unions. All electoral donations to be publicly declared.

Lower the voting age to 16 years old.

Click here to see our full policy on electoral reform.

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Good things:

  • Work is slowly starting back. 
  • Against Me are coming in May!!!
  • We’ve got our first batch of Rort Menace shirts in the works.


  • I wish I didn’t have to keep defending my relationship and myself.
  • I dyed a bit over half of my hair pink and it didn’t make me feel any better. 

Har ni någon gång känt att ni inte existerar? Nu menar jag inte mobbning, jag menar inte att ingen märker er. Jag menar att ni själva känner er helt… Ingenting. Vakuum. 

Allting börjar om jag kan börja om.

Bara den första tonen, första ljudet, första ordet får mig att liksom släppa allt. Den är så perfekt, sådär läskigt fel fri. Jag får känslor jag aldrig haft och inte kan förklara varför. Jag vill gråta, jag vill sitta på en balkong i någon förort och va helt pank och skita i livet. Jag vet inte vad detta kommer ifrån men när jag hör ”Förlåt att jag aldrig sagt förlåt” så blir hela jag, tom. Inte på ett dåligt sätt. Utan ett underbart sätt.

Allting börjar om jag kan börja om.

Jag kan släppa ut känslor jag har i bakhuvudet, sånna som jag inte vet varför de finns där. De bara är där. Ett täcke av sorg som jag inte kan skaka av mig. Jag försöker bli av med dem, men bara när jag lyssnar på Daniel blir jag fri… Tack Daniel.

I came by boat

Scott Morrison claims to speak for Australians. He talks about what Australians will and will not accept. He says we won’t ‘cop’ people coming on boats and now, in his new capacity as social services minister, he says that Australians won’t cop rorting of the system. 

I’m an Australian and he doesn’t speak or act for me at all. I think what he in particular has done is abhorrent. And if it wasn’t so serious it would be funny that he has now been appointed the social services minister. social services. 

There’s a disparity between his ostensible role and what he actually does. He acts as some kind of enforcement officer. What positive things is he achieving in his ministries? seriously. What is immigration? It’s about people coming here. I’m an immigrant myself. His whole focus has been on stopping people from coming - stopping the boats. And what is social services? It’s about serving society and supporting people’s needs. But the first thing he talks about is stopping people from ripping off the system. 

But what he’s done and what he’s doing is not just negative, it goes against my values and I think it goes against the values of a lot of Australians. Some people, obviously including Tony Abbott, are haling what Scott Morrison has done as a great success and praising him. Do the majority of Australian’s really feel like that? I’m ashamed and saddened by our government’s response to refugees. 

I’m quite impressed by Mike Baird, though - the way he spoke during and after the Martin Place siege, the way he has been handling himself on the world stage lately and, now, the way he has challenged Tony Abbott about doing more to help refugees. I feel like he does speak for and represent me, from what I’ve seen. 

Mammas gata - berättelser från förorten

Mammas gata - berättelser från förorten #midsommarkransen #läsande #litteratur

Under dagen läste jag färdigt denna bok författad av Kjell Johansson. Kjell har skrivit om Midsommarkransen, om den utprägldade arbetarstadsdel som den en gång var. Tygndpunkten i boken speglar stadsdelen från tiden kring det första världskrigets början till några år efter det andra.

Midsommarkransen växte fram som en plats vartill arbetare flyttade till från sämre boendemiljöer inne i stan. I…

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