Anz bank rort.

I just had a run in with the ANZ bank. I have a credit card which I make payments of $100/week. My statement period ends on the 17 of the month and the minimum payment of $165 is due on the 3rd of the following month. That’s about a fortnight. I got charged a late payment fee because my payments did not add up to the minimum amount due. If I make a payment BEFORE the 17th this doesn’t count towards the minimum payment. The minimum amount has to be paid between the 17th and the 3rd. Even though I pay about $400/month. What. A. Rort. Now that I am aware I will not be paying any amount off before the 17th, and keep it in my bank and get interest. Thank you ANZ.

Do you recall our story from last November on a rort taking thousands of dollars from excited school students planning their end of year formals?

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The NSW Department of Fair Trading started an investigation around the same time and is now taking court action against the sole director of the company.

"Amrita Kerr, the director of Your Formal Australia Pty Ltd, will face Parramatta Local Court on May 4 after she allegedly failed to respond to a request for information from the government’s consumer watchdog."

Here’s hoping the hundreds of school students affected might see some kind of refund.

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Laundry tree? are you serious?!



And yeah, it’s called a fucking laundry tree, have you never heard it called that before?

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My love poem to you from myself and 6 alter egoes was wonderful and I am offended i was not mentioned for its literary merit. As are my 6 alter egoes. Especially David Rort.

I almost mentioned it but I didn’t want to make all the devoted fans of THE flaming goddess cosplay jealous of our relations. ;)

… Also I was trying to suppress my memories of David Rort.

centrelink rant

i’m so over hearing all this shit on the news lately about Centrelink making cutbacks to people who are on benefits and are under the assumption that everyone who receives benefits are fucking rorting the system. 

I am one of those people receiving benefits, I have been for the past 9 months or so, and not once have I ever mis-used the “whopping” $530 I receive fortnightly. Thank god I don’t have a family to support or a car to run because it’s seriously not enough money and Abbott wants to decrease it even further and it looks like, cut it out all together.

I’ve been through hell and back with my mental illness, especially this year, and I have had to provide mountains of paperwork to support my claim of anxiety and depression which I think is utterly appalling. Just because I’m not walking in there with a severed limb or worker’s comp paperwork DOES NOT mean that I should be exempt from help and support. 

I’ve recently been discharged from a mental health unit, am back on my medication and am working in conjunction with my psychologist and psychiatrist. I have started working out again to get those endorphins pumping, I have completely stopped smoking pot and I am working with an employment agency to get my resume in order and start looking for work again, even though I am currently exempt from job seeking.

This ends in May for me and according to Centrelink, by this time, I should have gotten my shit together, have gotten over said mental illness and be capable to do 30 hours of work per week, which I think is an absolute fucking joke.

Perhaps, to some of you reading this, you’re currently thinking “well that’s a normal working week” but for someone who hasn’t worked in almost a year, it’s a very daunting prospect. My employment consultant rang me and said that they did not accept my paperwork to decrease my hours and this instantly got me anxious and stressed. All I am asking for is a decrease to 15 working hours per week so that I am able to ease my way back in to the workforce. I honestly don’t think that that’s such an unreasonable request. I WANT TO GET BACK TO WORK, hence why I’m with the agency but forcing me to do hours that I’m incapable of doing will only exacerbate my condition.

I’ve come such a long way in only a month and a bit, I’m so incredibly proud of myself. I’m taking all the right actions to improve myself, both mentally and physically, and the fact that I’m working with the employment agency, of my own volition, should prove to fucking Centrelink that I’m working as hard as I can and that I’m using their services appropriately. 

I see so many fucking people down at Centrelink who are dodgy as fuck; pulling up in insanely expensive cars, coming in with fresh tattoos or buying their little kids new Nike shoes, that they’ve ruined it for the rest of us who sincerely need help. I am so offended by what I hear and see on the news lately. I DON’T want to be on benefits. I’m not proud that I am taking tax payer’s hard-earned money, I used to be one of those people and can certainly empathise with their frustration but I am trying extremely hard and am exhausting all avenues to get better.

 So, dear media and Centrelink stop fucking dissing people who currently claim benefits and perhaps actually acknowledge that there’s not enough Government support, money-wise, for people who genuinely need help. I’m quite certain that by the time I reach my 70s there will be no pension either, which is truly disgusting.

This Abbott Government DOES NOT want to help their nation’s people. We’re all swept under the rug in order for them to “save money”, a.k.a travel for free and dip into their superannuation early, even though the rest of us can’t have access to their hard-earned money til we’ve retired.

I’ve provided ample documentation to support evidence of my mental illness, which they hounded me for and took them two weeks to process, and I’m sick of people discounting it as a genuine disease.

We’re all not “doll-bludgers” fucking Australian media/Government. Perhaps spend less energy discounting those who are genuine, fucking actually process people’s paperwork on time and maybe take a trek around some suburbs and see how some people on benefits live. 

Call me crazy, but how can someone on benefits live in a shit box and have two fucking Mercs out the front of their house? Money being mis-used? Surely not…

The Federal Government has clawed back more than $41 million worth of false claims by private employment agencies in just the past three years.

The agencies are contracted by the Government under a privatised welfare-to-work program called Job Services Australia (JSA), a sprawling $1.3 billion-a-year scheme designed to get the unemployed into work.

A Four Corners investigation has found rorting of the scheme is rampant. Forgery, manipulation of records and the lodgement of inflated claims for fees are widespread.

One former agency employee said he had seen “thousands” of jobseeker records doctored by his agency to support suspect claims against the taxpayer.

The managing director of a private employment agency told Four Corners: “There are incentives to be involved in sharp practices from a financial and performance perspective.”

"We had to do the same thing [because] everyone was doing it," the source said.

"The Government does not want to expose the whole industry."

Three years ago a top-level inquiry into just one type of fee found spectacular rates of failure, forcing cancellation of that particular fee and prompting industry-wide ructions.

Ominously, the inquiry noted that just 40 per cent of the claims it examined could be confirmed by documentary evidence, or by the testimony of jobseekers and their employers.

The Abbott administration has made some changes to the scheme that take effect mid-way through this year.

But critics say these changes will do little, if anything, to stop widespread gaming of the contract.

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