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Hello Casey, excuse the question, I read that you're Canadian, and Canada is a country that I I would really like to visit. Can you tell me how to live in canada? Is really a country that functions where all the people are nice to each other? How are you there?

ahahhahaah im sorry if you are entirely serious but i just find this question funny. Canada is a big country and there are a lot of different people. i guess i would say that overall, people are nicer, like they care more. where i live, people would say sorry when they bump into you and hold the door open for you if youre behind them, but there are still bitches in high school and jerks who lie. its kinda just like the states but there are less people in cities. and colder. 

i guess mainly, people just say thank you and sorry more here. if you want to visit/live in Canada, you can just act like you would in any other english-speaking country. AND in the town i live, everyone, literally everyone, knows that Roots sweat pants are the most comfortable pants ever, owns at least one pair, and wears them regularly. 


**  The Luxe Tux  **

This is my spin on the ever so fantastic Canadian Tuxedo aka jean on jean. I wanted to showcase the classic Roots World Famous Crew and make it something that you could wear out for a night out on the town.

I paired it with a pencil jean skirt and tucked the sweater in at the band only (to avoid too much bulging) and topped it with a jean vest instead of your typical jean jacket, creating difference and a not so typical look. Then for the toppers to complete the look, I decided I needed some fun textures - so I added a chunky toque and a statement necklace! BAM! That simple!

Sweater: Roots World Famous Crew -,default,pd.html?cgid=womensSweatshirtsAndHoodies&selectedColor=003 

Skirt: Zara

Vest: Topshop

Toque: Joe Fresh

Necklace: Heels & Bowties - 

Bracelets: Ardene black beads X Roots Help Haiti (old)

Rings: YSL X Alexander McQueen

Watch: Cartier

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Les Best.

feeling pretty cozy before work :) I’m on til 4 and then going home for two nights! I can’t wait. it’s a gorgeous day and my coffee is delicious and I’m about to have a facetime coffee date with my love, our Sunday morning ritual. happy thanksgiving out there to my fellow maple leaves!