our toddler's obsession with blond hair
  • Her:I want yellow hair.
  • Me:Why?
  • Dad:You're so lucky you don't have yellow hair. Yours is beautiful.
  • Her:I don't like mine. I want yellow hair.
  • Me:It's called blond.
  • Her:I want blond hair.
  • Me:Mine isn't blond... Don't you like my hair?
  • Her:No. It's black. I don't like it.
  • Me:Really?! That kind of hurts my feelings.
  • Her:Awww.... (getting up on her chair and reaching over to mine. Holding my face...) Your eyes are my favorite... Your face is my favorite. I will kiss it... But not your hair.
just another chat
  • her:what was that?
  • em:are you sure?
  • emm:yes!
  • emma:MOM!
  • him:please go ahead
  • en:MOM
  • enz:MAMA
  • enzo:CACA
  • me:here we go again
  • mom:how can I help you
  • liz:yes of course
  • dad:I love
  • mek:I love you all...
DIY: salt dough ornaments

E’s on Christmas break so we’ve been trying to keep busy. Some time back, I had seen these really cool keepsakes on a Nest of Posies and decided to try to make them for the grandparents. However, I need to keep them for a second post on salt dough I hope to put up over the weekend. But, in the meantime, I want to share what we did with the left over dough.


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in the eye of the beholder


Last week, E and I were playing around with Paper, by 53. Paper is an app that allows you to sketch, draw, color, using the iPad and your finger, and share your ideas! It’s gorgeous and it’s FUN! The image above is my version of E - she asked that the crown be added - and the one below is her version of me:


I hope everyone’s been having a great week! 


a snack attack
  • In the car with Dad, baby brother and me...
  • Emma:Maaa... I am hungry, I want a cereal bar.
  • Me:(having said, at least twice, I had no cereal bar on me and that we were stopping soon, remained silent)
  • Emma:I want a cereal bar, Mama. I want a cereal bar.
  • Me:We don't have a cereal bar, Emma.
  • Emma:Did you say: 'How about a banana?' I'd like that. I want a banana, Maaaa....
in the kitchen with e


We took World Baking Day's challenge this past weekend and baked these wonderful tiny coconut-carrot muffins. E (age 4) was happy to be in the kitchen with us throughout the day, helping us out.  

At some point, she started acting goofy and, as I was telling her to be careful not to bump into the dishwasher’s open door, gradually elevating my voice as she got closer, she bumped into the dishwasher’s open door, and landed on her butt! Thankfully, she didn’t get hurt, but she felt embarrassed…


Me: E, see…? Please calm down a bit… You could’ve hurt yourself!

Her: (Untying her pretty little apron) That’s it… I ‘QUITTED’! (Taking it off and wrapping it in a bundle to set on the chair beside her)

Me: (Pausing for a second, observing and finally… ) LOL!

Her: Don’t laugh at me, Mommy, that’s rude… (long silent pause) What is “quiited”?

This is our little reenactment of the scene below:


Hope Everyone is having a great week!

it's been a year


Dear Sweet,

Some months ago, we visited San Diego for the first time after having moved here.

Back when we decided to leave, I remember being worried about how you would transition to a new city, new school and new friends. I was reassured by many that it would be easy for you due to your young age. It wasn’t: you had the hardest time adapting. You are always hot and detest layering and if allowed you would ALWAYS be barefoot. Little did you know that in Portland layers are a lifestyle and no one seems to own flip-flops.

Back in San Diego, Miss B told us that you were a well-rounded child and if she were to point out one particular strength in you, it would be your sociability, your sensitivity to the feelings of your peers - if only she could say you were as perceptive about your surroundings… you were always walking into things! That’s gotten better.

After we moved, and for the longest time, you would tell me how much you missed San Diego and all your friends, teachers and family. I felt terrible and questioned our decision to move a couple of times.

It’s been a year and we are settled, you are loving Portland, your new friends and, believe it or not, your Sorels (you still struggle with the layers). You talk about San Diego, and still mention how you miss it when recalling events you so sweetly do starting off with: “Remember, the other day, ‘at’ San Diego…?” 

This picture is from that visit, 8 months after having left. I took it in the plane, when we landed. You were so excited the days before leaving and ecstatic during the flight. We were waiting for the seatbelt sign to turn off to gather our things. When it did you said firmly: “Wait. I need to put on my sunglasses.” And so you did and gave me a smile.

Love you.


a toddler's bare necessity
  • over the summer, our 3 year old got used to having her nonna (her grandma from italy) clean her up after each potty session. she would go on her own to the bathroom and do number 2 and afterwards call out:"finito, nonna!", i.e., grandma, i'm done!
  • early last month, and all summer visitors gone, while my husband and i are busy with the evening routine, we hear, coming from the bathroom...
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Emma’s most recent favorite tune

toddler talk - part 1; a 3 year old's glossary


"My foots are hot!"

do’s - does: Daddy do’s that all the time, Mamma!

feverite - fever: I have a feverite, Mommy, I need to go to the Hostible *

foots - feet: My foots are hot!

froggy - foggy: It’s froggy outside today.

 *hostible - hospital: see “feverite”

polkanuts - polkadots:I want that shirt, Mamma, with polkanuts!

popsticle** - popsicle: Can I have a popsticle Daddy? (fyi: also in Daddy’s glossary)

wruff - wolf: Do ruffs come here at night, when we are sleeping?

tummy-egg - tummy ache: I have a tummy-egg. I need a popsticle**.


you’re killing my life, guys! - still in analysis, but strong suspicion it means “cut me some slack.”