shisno said:

Arachnophobia warning for the Top Chef Let's Build! There's a period where the group discusses intense spider stories from 8:00 until 11:00 in. If you have arachnophobia, chances are this would severely trigger it. I know there are a bunch of RoosterTumblr members with this fear so I'm hoping to spread it around before anyone gets triggered.

Thank you!


An Achievement Hunter Musical. Featuring such hits as:

  • Gavin, You Fucking Fuck
  • Ray’s Got The Tower Again
  • Swiss Fucking Cheese - the Rage Quit reprise
  • I Can’t Find My Alcohol - a Solo by Geoff Ramsey
  • Who’s Voice Is That? - a Duet with Jack Patillo and Ryan Haywood
  • I’m Going Cakeless - a Solo by Ray Narvaez Jr.
  • Alone At Last (Me and My Chamber of Victories)- a Solo by Gavin Free
  • That’s How We Do It In Jersey, Bitch - a Solo by Michael Jones
  • The Magic’s In The Beard - a Solo by Jack Patillo
  • Edgar and the Kung Fu House - a Solo by Ryan Haywood
  • I Can’t Help It I’m So Good (Roses Give Me An Advantage) - a Solo by Ray Narvaez Jr. (X-Ray, Help Me Out, Love Vav reprise by Gavin Free)
  • Team Nice Dynamite (Gavin, No) - a Duet by Gavin Free and Michael Jones (Use Your Words, You Fuck Truck reprise by Michael Jones)
  • + Many More!

And those number 1 audience participation hits

  • You’re A Cockbite Now (Your Soul Belongs To Us)


  • Holy Shit, Where Did The Last Twelve Hours Go (LLLLLLLLET’S WATCH)