We love to scrutinize, idolize, but never empathize.  We love to talk and cyber-stalk, because everyone’s the first to know.  However, we always seem to renege on being the first to buy. 

The media tells us your crazy.  We listen.

One could logically think that millions of voices could speak up, and luckily for you Steve Jobs pled your case.  He said the crazies are the ones who reject the status quo, as they’re just crazy enough to think they could change the world.

Well, there it is.  You’re crazy.  

Maybe we’re the wackaloons and the whatchumacallits. I mean everyone seems to know that these are your legs (and feet).

But what do I know? I’m just a meager-student-worker-know-nothing-zealot-pauper of a fan.


After doing some analyzing on my own, I noticed something interesting. I think Mona is not dead and I will tell you why.

Even tho we saw what we saw, Ali ’ s reaction was odd considering someone she knew just “died” , why smile like that after seeing the “liars” in destraught. What if, Ali and Mona staged this together. Now hear me out, it would make sense given what the show has been feeding us on the surface, but could that be so far fetched?

Ali is super intelligent ALONG with mona. What if, Ali was the new A and actually did want in on the fun? What if she said to mona, stage your death so that I can play with them more?

I don’t know tho, just a thought. If this is true why would Mona sacrifice her life after roosewood? She’s bright, she can do whatever she wants. I don’t know, something just isn’t right.

What do yall think?

anonymous said:

Any ideas to why Alison visited her gravestone when she was back in Roosewood? That was when Mona confronted her the first time and Ali tried to make up with her. Oh yeah, this reminds me of how everyone thinks that Ali is so bad when actually she is made to act the way she does! She might lie to the girls all the time yeah, but that's bc they keep running to their bf or parents and Ali just can't trust them. Or she suspects that one of them is her attacker.. Right?

Exactly right. I think she suspects one of them to have hit her and/or Bethany thinking it was her. Also, thank you for reminding me Ali visited what is actually Bethany’s grave. She was looking pretty sad and was being nice to Mona. She looked sorry that Bethany was gone… Maybe she didn’t really want her dead? There is definitely more to the story.