We love to scrutinize, idolize, but never empathize.  We love to talk and cyber-stalk, because everyone’s the first to know.  However, we always seem to renege on being the first to buy. 

The media tells us your crazy.  We listen.

One could logically think that millions of voices could speak up, and luckily for you Steve Jobs pled your case.  He said the crazies are the ones who reject the status quo, as they’re just crazy enough to think they could change the world.

Well, there it is.  You’re crazy.  

Maybe we’re the wackaloons and the whatchumacallits. I mean everyone seems to know that these are your legs (and feet).

But what do I know? I’m just a meager-student-worker-know-nothing-zealot-pauper of a fan.