The 2 of us from 2011 is up there! Then the one of the 4 of us from 2012 is in my shadow box display for the trifecta :) can’t wait for 2013!!! I know I say this every ear but we need to remember to take more pictures! lol

Super Spartan yesterday

10.2 miles, 74 obstacles… In the pouring rain! It was a lot of fun! It was also the first race the boy did with me, and he’s admitted he’s hooked! I’m so sore today I can’t really move… lol. It was definitely the easiest spartan race I’ve done (mile for mile) just because it was mostly flat. The terrain was just not challenging at all. A couple dozen of the obstacles were XC jumps (that’s right, for horses!) all the way up to prelim height. Now I know how the ponies feel, lol.

All in all, a fun race! Can’t wait for the VT and SC beasts!

Race schedule for the fall!

8/25 - Mid-Atlantic Super Spartan - Elite Heat

9/21 - Vermont Spartan Ultra Beast (assuming I’m accepted)

10/19 - Gulf Coast Spartan Sprint - Elite Heat

10/27 - Marine Corp Marathon

11/2 - Tough Mudder Charlotte

11/9 - Carolinas Spartan Beast

All subject to change, but assuming I can afford registration before it fills up and barring any injuries, this is the plan!

And not gonna lie, I’m really, really excited about how much food I’m going to have to eat to keep up with the training.

aww <3 but honestly, I haven’t been running at all (since I got sick), just mostly lifting. I’m starting to feel a little better, so I’ll pick up running again after finals. When do I get to see you again?!

I know, right?! It’s like either I have a kick ass age group finish or I die. Never anything that I’m like, “well, that was okay.” But this time I had some bad milk with my cereal, which made me sick and therefore dehydrated since it was hot, and at the beast it was hypothermic shock. I think that if I get more consistent with my training and nutrition I can put on a lot more muscle which will help a lot. That’s the plan, anyways - my best races have always been a result of spot on nutrition.

I also need to deal with mentally being to hard on myself. Even though it was my worst time, I did better than 2/3 (66%) of the field, so obviously the heat and back up from there being so many people effected everyone, not just me.

Anyways, enough rambling… I miss you!!!

:( blah. I’m sorry love. We need to buy an island where there is a huge amazing kitchen and races every weekend and lots of sun and beaches and ponies and awesome rock climbing. Did I miss anything? :)

roomwithoutawindow replied to your post: Going to the SHC tomorrow…

why do you die everytime you run a beast? i feel like we were both dying of something last year, and you had super flu this year….

last year i was dying because i wasn’t prepared! lol. I think I’m still getting over the flu… either that or it’s just low blood pressure. I cut like 80% of the salt out of my diet this summer and I had really low blood pressure to begin with. But I dunno.

Honestly, Sean thinks it’s just that I’m overworking myself. Not like I’ve ever done that before! lol