Roommating (x)

It all started back in High School.

Things weren’t always the best for me. It was always high expectations that I could never fulfill. My mom would tell me one thing and my dad would tell me another and I’d just end up running in circles, unable to catch my breath. Until I met Luke. 

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anonymous said:

do you have a roomate(s)?

Nope I have my own room but I share a kitchen with 5 others :)

Getting a package from Bad Dragon like...

You watching it travel 


Knowing it’ll be home waiting for you


The slow realization that people at home (roomates/friends/parents) got there before you and now want to know WhATs InSiDe ThE bOx


My name is Connor. I’m 17 years old and i’m homeless. I’m a kid who has parents that really shouldn’t have ever had kids. I hop from house to house for the past year now or I sleep outside if I cant work something out. I don’t really have shit except for the clothes on my back and some money i have saved from my old job. I would give the world to someone who lives in the California area down south and would be willing to let me stay with them for literally 2 weeks top and i will go every day trying to get a job applying job after job and i will pay you 200 dollars. I’m not a douche bag kid. This isn’t a joke. I don’t have anything where I am. I want to get out of Reno and have a future. Instead of this place dragging me down. It would mean more than anything if anyone could do this for me. If you’re reading this and can reblog it so that someone willing to help can see it and possibly help me out. I would really appreciate it. So so much. Thankyou

sollux is one of my favourite trolls but i rarely draw him so no one knows