The Triads - "We Got It Wrong"(ft. St. Lucia)


Straight out of North Carolina, The Triads are an alternative hip-hop trio comprised of: Deen Garba, James Black, and Shaheen Lashani,. I was feeling “We Got It Wrong” as soon as I pressed play. Crazy production by Xaphoon Jones too. This aint the last time you’ll be hearing about the Triads.

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Winder Polynice - Dead Presidents Great unsigned hype right here. Winder Polynice has some crazy word play that’ll have you hitting rewind over and over. Please, press play now!

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I started this site a couple months ago with two goals:
  1. Get my beats heard
  2. Try to help other producers/artists get their material heard
So far, I think I’ve done a pretty good job meeting those goals. After watching countless videos from unsigned artists, I realized that the guys who put in the time directing/editing the videos weren’t getting enough exposure. So i decided to come up with the Through The Lens series. Every couple of weeks I will choose a director, videographer, photographer, etc to be featured!
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Chris Miles - Versace Freestyle

14 years old with bars.