We just got this set of Mercury Mist topaz set in rose gold from the fine people at @bvla – better snag these soon. They won’t last long! We can always custom order these in other gem combinations and metals. #piercing #jewelry #navel #gold #rose #nostril #cartilage #tragus #conch #rook #lip #philtrum #medusa #safepiercing #appmber #luckyrabbit #muncie #765 #bsu

“Protection from Harm and Unwanted Magic”

The request called for sigils for an amulet - draw one of each on both sides of the amulet, or omit the circles and draw the two triangles next to each other for a single sided amulet. I’d recommend charging these with whatever element you feel the closest too for extra protection.

requested by faireplant

– Rook

What a wonderful way to start the day!

Morgan stopped in first thing when we opened to get her rook pierced.

She chose this stunning genuine white opal, hand set in a 14k rose gold millgrain prong from BVLA​.

It’s a perfect fit and ties in wonderfully with her other cute gold jewelry pieces.

Thanks so much, Morgan!

Monterey, CA



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Finally making some visible progress on this personal project of mine, “Fuglemannen” (the Bird Man). I did put this sculpt on hiatus for over three months and now I am pumped to finish him!
Sculpey firm/super sculpey mix, free form epoxy, steel wire.