Jen Stoppable - Daughter of Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable Karen Gillian

Age: 18

Appearance: Jen stands at 5’4’’ with ginger hair like her mother. She is slender and has a few freckles on her nose.

Personality/Backstory: Three traits that heavily describe Jen are independent, adventurous, and headstrong. When she has something on her mind, she will not stop thinking about it until the task is accomplished and she will do whatever it takes until that goal is accomplish.

She tries to be friendly to everyone, but she can’t help it if she wakes up one day not in a good mood. She loves to laugh and loves being around others that can make her smile and feel happy. She admires her parent’s adventurous past and it inspires her to go on adventures of her own.


  • Although Jen isn’t much of a crier, she prefers to let tears fall from her eyes when she’s alone in her own room. She doesn’t like crying in front of others. She feels vulnerable, weak and embarrassed when others see her shed tears.
  • Suffers from episodes of depression.

This is not the best writing out there. I don’t think it’s even that good. But this story is what I have written over the course of two and a half years from when I was sixteen to now when I am nineteen. As of this morning, at 6:30am on the 8th January 2014, I finally finished it. I have decided not to go back an edit all the crapiness at the beginning because I think it’s important, for me personally, to leave it as it is, as a representation of how much my writing has developed and matured over the extensive period which it was written. So if you like Kim Possible, Kim and Ron and the infamous Kigo ship, and if you don’t mind shitty smut, I would really appreciate if you took a look at it.

Three years after Graduation, Kim and Ron live at opposite ends of the globe and as a couple, continue to do their “Save the world” thing. On their missions, Kim and Shego pursue and ongoing fight. But, as their tactics become more intimate, both women begin to question the nature of their relationship. Kim soon finds herself in a dilemma: Shego, or Ron?

cartoonwatcher1234 asked:

Ok, here's a Fandom for you. How about Kim Possible?


It’s been awhile so forgive me if it’s a smidge too simple and cliche

  • Favorite Male Character

I would lie if I didn’t say Ron, however Wade was up there too. Ron and Wade kind of have their own little nerdiness to them, and I could relate to both.

  • Favorite Female Character

Sorry I’m listing two. Kim Possible and Shego are my two favourites, I love the rivalries and parallels to them.

  • Least Favorite Character

Bonnie Rockwaller. Just her attitude. No.

  • Favorite Ship

RonXKim of coarse. Then I kind of ship ShegoxDr. Drakken

  • Favorite Friendship

Rufus and Ron! Dude they were awesome. I especially loved Rufus.

  • Favorite Quote

(Had to look this up) but basically:
Drakken: Oh, look, it’s Kim Possible and her friend.
Ron: Hello, I’ve got a name!
Drakken: Which I can never remember.

(I’ve got quite a few but I’ll stick to that one)

  • Worst Character Death (if any)

I don’t remember there being any….?

  • This made me so happy you have no idea Moment

When Kim and Ron went to the prom together and kissed :) and Bonnie made a huge fool of herself.

  • Saddest Moment

Not sure

  • Favorite Location

I don’t have an exact favourite, but pretty much any and every mission Kim went on. There was a variety of places, and I liked that.