NBA Live 15 vs. NBA 2K15: Which Studio Wins for October?

NBA Live 15 vs. NBA 2K15: Which Studio Wins for October? @NBA2K @EASPORTSNBA #NBA2K15 #NBALive15

Well, gamers, October is almost over, and a lot of games have come and gone. As always, though, there were many surprise hits that flew under the radar. Yet for sports fans, October isn’t over yet. EA’s highly anticipated NBA Live 15 for Xbox One and Playstation 4 drops this Tuesday and will either prove to be a great addition for the NBA Live series or will crash and burn with a disappointing…

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2k Sports Releases First Major Patch For NBA 2k15

#NBA2K15 has major issues to fix. Check out the latest patch notes and see if @2K Sports met your needs. @NBA2K

2K Sports has finally fixed some of the biggest issues NBA 2K15 has had since launch. The new patch is now live for download for the Xbox One (945 MB) and the PlayStation 4 (940 MB). The patch was released for PC last week. The new fixes include a large number of improvements and overall fixes to MyGM, MyLeague, MyTeam, face scanning, animations and most importantly, gameplay.

Check out the full…

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NBA 2K15's MyPark Mode Detailed in Full

#NBA2K15 is just 1 day away and Park Mode is one of the many areas revamped. #PS4 #Xbox @NBA2K

Community manager Ronnie2K took to Facebook to detail the return of MyParks Mode in NBA 2K15 for current generation consoles and PC. MyParks mode was first revealed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last year. It was a huge success in some ways and in some ways it failed to capture the authenticity of real street ball. In 2K15, the 2K Sports developers revamped Park mode and now we can clearly see…

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Lob Mob & LD2K in The Park!!! - Precision Passing In The Park -NBA 2K14 PS4 

Maria of The Lob Mob runs into our good friend LD2K of 2K Sports & oMistiik… enjoy!

NBA 2K15 Breakdown: What You Missed

Missed the latest information on #NBA2K15? Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know! @NBA2K

In the last few months, the team at 2K Sports have been on a tear with news on NBA 2K15. With only 3 weeks until launch, community managers LD2K and Ronnie 2K have been revealing news with fans on their weekly Twitch streams. This year will be the second year that 2K has brought the series to current generation consoles which adds much speculation and many questions on how far the team will push…

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#31NBAthrowbacks Kevin Durant @easymoneysniper attended Montrose Christian School his senior year of high school in 2006 before playing for @TexasMBB Durant was the second pick in the 2007 draft to the Seattle Supersonics and named Rookie of the Year. He currently plays for the @OKCthunder and was named NBA MVP last season.

Photographed on November 25, 2005 in Rockville, Maryland by @steveboylephoto

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Everyone keeps asking us when are we gonna do something for #nba2k15 well here you go! Peep the link in the bio! @2ksports @ronnie2k s/o to @atlgamersociety for partnering and @operanightclub #operawednesdays for having us and our prize sponsors @populardemand @fludwatches @wickedaudio and host @kspadetheprospect

anonymous said:

Okay! HAHA XD What games are you playing now? What games do you recommend?

Hello. (Are u still the same person? Lels)

I’ve been playing on several devices so okay:

PS4: My brothers and I recently bought NBA 2K15 so I’ve been playing that a lot lately. It’s pretty good. It’s more challenging than the previous installments because:

  1. Making shots in exhibition games with a Hall of Fame difficulty takes a lot of getting used to. Personally, I like the challenge. My first three games were blowout losses because I had a hard time making long distance shots. Since I’m mostly using the Cleveland Cavaliers, the drive and kick strategy is extremely important and without draining three point shots, winning is almost impossible. I’m doing much better now tho. 
  2. Fast breaks are hard to defend. I actually sent a tweet to Ronnie2k about 2K15’s terrible transition defense. I hope they make a patch available to fix this asap. 

If you’re a basketball fan and a console player, I suggest that you get this. Here is a trusty gametrailers review for more info. Also, 2K15’s facescan feature is terrible but absolutely entertaining. I mean, look at these.

3DS:  All Nintendo fans SHOULD get Super Smash Bros. Here’s an ign review of the game.

iPad: Kingdom Rush is a fun strategy game. There are a lot of tower defense games out there but this one is better than most I’ve played. The only tower defense game that is better (and more challenging!) than this, I think, is PixelJunk Monsters (PS3) so yeah.