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Bryan Ferry & Jane Birkin - In Every Dream Home A Heartache (2004)


you bring the wine
and i’ll bring the roses
i’ll view you by candlelight
under the stars
you bring those lips
and i’ll bring my silhouette
i will be waiting
bring your guitar
you bring a sigh
and i’ll bring a whisper
we shall make music
beneath the wide sky
you bring a wish
and i’ll bring a promise
temptations like these
we cannot deny

5.16.2005 RB

I’m sorry,” he sighed, “That was rude of me.

"So, you’re a paranormal," Fenix replied. "Wonderful… And you can even read minds!

I’m sorry" he repeated. "I get really nervous around women nowadays, its been…awhile. I just, wanted to make sure I wasn’t screwing it up.

"…I bet,” she snarled. If its one thing Fenix hated, it was random strangers butting into her personal space.

"What exactly are you anyway, not many supernaturals are even strong enough to read minds.." 

A sudden realization came to her mind. She best be careful. Having just recently acquired her own new and improved powers, she was bound to run into those that would target her. 

Relax, that is really not my intention, I have no business with a phoenix," he continued. "I’m a demon, an old one at that, and that’s as much as you need to know.

"Well that’s comforting,” she retorted.

Believe me, If I wanted you dead, you would be,” he assured her. 

The tone in his voice seemed to give Fenix the impression that perhaps he was telling the truth. Although, something in her gut told her not to push the subject any farther. It felt dangerous.

Well this is definitely interesting, nice and lame guy is now dark and mysterious guy. Now that’s what I’m looking for…

Finally meeting a consensus with her thoughts, she took a seat next to the brooding man.

"What is your name by the way, I didn’t get it earlier…," she asked.

Isamu,” he answered. 

Oh? Japanese. Another Granger. Brilliant, just fucking brilliant. 

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George Duke - She Can Wait Forever

Song o’ th’ Day

Merlin ;( by indie22 featuring cosmic jewelry

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"It’s totally true, but either way, no one ever said I was small." 

Woah there smooth talker, you totally have me swooning at your feet,” came her sarcastic reply. 

He only smiled and continued to walk toward his living room.

"You want something to drink?" He offered. "I have some wine if m’lady wants some"

Fenix began to shake her head at the ridiculous behavior of this stranger. Jeez, this guy’s as lame as you can get. Tell me again why I came here?… 

She looked up, ready to call it quits. She began comparing him; how contrasting was this man’s personality to “his”? How much happier did this man seem than “he” did? Her thoughts immediately came to a pause. At least this guy actually wanted her to some extent, at least this guy came “stress-free”.

"You comin’?" he asked as he patted the spot next to his on the loveseat.

"Uh, yeah! Be right there."